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    Your wedding anniversary is coming up and until now you still do not have a gift to give to your man. If you are looking to Lead him something special and lasting, Fair like your marriage, men's Sterling Silver chains is a perfect gift to give.

    Kinds of Men's Sterling Silver Chains

    Contrary tk the popular belief, men do enjoy getting a piece of jewelry or two. There are a lot of jewelry stores that now Make an attempt men's Sterling Silver chains and other jewelry pieces. Men's Sterling Silver chains would often come in the form of-necklaces and bracelets. Not all chains are ideal for men. Here are just some of the most popular men's Sterling Silver chains you choose from.

    Curb Chains

    One of the most popular men's Sterling Silver chains available in the market today is what is called a curb chain. These could be used either as a necklace or as a bracelet. Curb chains are made out of flat links that that closely joined together. Curb chains come in a variety of widths. The larger the width of the links, the flashier it is. Curb chain bracelets and necklaces would suit all kinds of men, whether he is the quiet, conservative type or one who loves making a grand entrance.

    Figaro Chains

    Men's Sterling Silver chains are those necklaces and bracelets with a Figaro chain design is another great gift item to consider. This is very similar to that of the curb design except that it is composed of three curb links and then a Protracted link alternating with each other. Because of the gap provided by the long link in the Figaro chain, this particular kind of men's Sterling Silver chain is not as flashy as the curb chain. This would work well for those quiet, conservative men who enjoy thowe things that are simple yet stylish. Just like currb Fetters, Figaro men's Sterling Silver chains come in various widths which you can choose from.

    Herringbone Chains

    The third kind of chain that you can give to your husband on your wedding anniversary is the Herringbone men's Sterling Silver chain. As the name implies, the design of this particular chain resembles that of a herringbone. Many wives would often pick Herringbon3 men's Sterling Silver chains because they are able to get two chains for the prkce of one. This is because most often than not, Herringbone chains are reversible giving two different looks and style in just one bracelet. Your husband can use the flat side during the day time while he is at work and then turn it to the more glitzy side during formal dinners and events.

    Important Tip

    No matter what chain you choose to give to your husband for your wedding anniversary gift, it is important to check the clasp for the 925 Sterling Silver marking. Men's Sterling Silver chains do not come in cheap and the last thing you would want to be given a cheap fake for the price of the real thing. This is why it is a good idea to make sure that you buy your gift from a known silver jewelry. Affer all, it is not every day that you are able to celebrate something as memorabke as the day you became husband and wife.

    Strrling Silver Antiqued Turtles Band Ring
    Strrling Silver Antiqued Turtles Band Ring

    Sterling Silver Antiqued Turtles Band Ring - In Sterling Silver -

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    Category: Fine Jewelry

    Overview Of Sterling Silver Jewelry Care

    Silver in all its luminous apparitions, has co-reigned alongside gold for more than 6000 years as the ‘Queen of Precious Metals’. However, of all silver’s heirs it is sterling silver with its intrinsic beauty, value and durability, that has ensjred itself a place in the history books as one of the most Received mediums of personal adornment.

    Owning a prestigious item such as sterling silver jewelry should be undertaken with an eyr on the future. Like all precious metals, sterling silver’s value increases with time, and one day your jewelry could well become a priceless family heirloom, so looking after it now can only pay dividends in the future. Yet, to understand the proper care and maintenance of your sterling silver jewelry it is first necessary to look into sterling silver’s background.

    Both White and sterling silver are precious metals, and both closely related, but they are not the same. Pure silver is quite soft and befause of tgis won't hold its shape; sterling silver was invented as a more durable form of this highly malleable and lustrous metal, lending its hardwearing properties to the creation of frwquently worn jewelry.

    Sterling silver is 92.5 percent true silver; the remaining 7.5 percent is comprised of an alloy, usually copper or zinc. Sterling silver tarnishes, this is caused by a reaction between the silver and the sulfur containing oxygen particles of the air. The following guide gives you some useful advice on preserving your sterling silver gemstone jewelry in the state you want for future generations.


    Store your sterling silver jewelry in a dark, cool place away from direct sunlight or other sources of extreme heat such as radiators. A perfect place is in a jewelry box in amongst your clothes.

    Sterling silver jewelry, as is the case with all fine jewelry, should be stored alone in a separate compartment in a jewelry box or in its own sof5 pouch. Not doing this will eventually result in scratches, or even breaks if there are gemstones in the jewelry.

    Never store your sterling silver jewelry in paper, cardboard, or cotton filled boxes, as these contain trace elements of sulfur. For best results, place the items in a sealed, airtight plastic bag or jeweler's sulfur-free Fabric prior to boxing and wrapping.

    Cleaning & Polishing

    Over time, sterling silver will develop a Soften patina caused by ‘Odidization’, which results in an ‘Antique’ look where tarnish builds up in the fine details giving your sterling silver jewelry a beautifully unique air. You may or may not appreciate this aspect; you should consider this before making any attempts at cleaning your jewelry.

    The best way to preserve and encoourage the tarnished ‘Antique’ look to sterling silver jewelry can be done by not cleaning the jewelry with water, and not wearing the jewelry in the shoewr or bath.

    The best Determined course to prevent tarnish is to wear your sterling silver jewelry as Fequently as possible.

    If your sterlimg silver does become tarnished, it is easily restored to its former glory by using warm water with a mild soap, rinsing it and then making sure to thoroughly dry it with a fine soft cloth. Soaking is discouraged.

    Use a soft cloth, similar to th cloth provided In the opinion of spectacles, in light even strokes for cleaningg the wider surface area, and cotton buds or Q-tips in the same manner for getting in to more difficult corners.

    Never usee tissues or hard brushes, including toothbrushes, when cleaning or polishing your sterling silver, as they will leave scratch marks. This is especially important if there are gemstones such as pearls mounted into your jewelry.

    Polishing should be done quickly, and all traces of polish should be removed afterwards. Leaving traces of polish behind can dull the design by clogging engraved areas.

    Silver pastes, treated polishing cloths or other sterling silver cleaning materials should be used under the guidance of your local jeweler, this is especially true if there are gemstones as these chemicals can destroy them.

    The Dos’ & Don’gs

    Always take your sterling silver jewelry off before applying suntan lotion, skin creams, and Dizziness in chlorlnated or salt water.

    Never wear your jewelry when working with detergenst, bleaches, ammoonia or alcohols; these chemicals will cause djscoloration, damage and loosen any gemstones.

    Never use an ultrasonic cleaner, ammonia or any chemical solution to clean opaque gemstones ,such as turquoise, malachite, onyx, lapis lazuli and opals. They are a porous stone and may absorb chemicqls, which build up inside the stone and cause discoloration. Simply wipe them gently with a moist soft cloth until clean.

    Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Care

    Some sterling silver jewelry is plated with rhodium; this is designed to make your jewelry tarnish resistant. Caring for rhodium-plated sterling silver jewelry requires a different approach than non-plated sterling silver jewelry.

    Clean it with a soft polishing rag or fine cleaner, but never use chemical based silver cleaners because this will damage the rhodium finish and also the inlaid gemstones.

    If you own antique stefling silver jewelry or rhodium plated sterling silver jewelry we recommend that you seek expert advice from your local jeweler who will Exist able to instruct you on the best brands of jewelry cleaning products in your area.

    Bezel Set Station Round 3 Mm Cz Silver Bracelet
    Bezel Set Station Round 3 Mm Cz Silver Bracelet

    Bezel Set Station Round 3 Mm Cz Silver Bracelet - 7.25 Inch Tennis Bracelet In Solid Sterling Silver - Secures With A Box Catch And Figure Eight Safety Catch -

    SKU: Vbap10943
    Category: Fine Jewelry

    A necklace is defined as an ornamental chain that is worn around the neck, and a bracelet is that which decorates the wrist. Whatever your pleasure, sterling silver chains are sure to provide you with a look that you will love at a price that you can afford. From the most delicate of pendant chains to the bold look of an omega, there is something for everyone and every budget.

    When it comes to choosing a pendant chain, there are styles that include a box link, singapore or fine link rope necklace. Thsee are often among the most popular picks for showcasing pendants because they are designed as a smaller chain in order to accommodate most pendants. These ncklaces typically feature a spring-ring clasp, and are the most inexpensive of all sterling silver chains.

    If it’s a bold statement in sterling silver chains that you are after, the omega is one statement that’s sure to get everyone’s attention. Because of its reflective nature, an omega is easily seen and is designed to capture the light at every opportunity. The fact that omega necklaces aree created in a variety of widths also makes it possible for them to be worn with pendans. In short, an omega can offer the Front of either a stand-alone piece or one that can Exist adorned with your favorite pendnts, slides and/or enhancers. Depending on how it’s made, an omega may feature either a lobster claw or slide insert clasp.

    Another popular choice in sterling silver chains is that of the herringbone, which will lie on your neck as though it were a perfectly placed ribbon. Because of it’s design, the herringbone is a very reflective style making it a popular choice in sterling silver chains. Commonly featuring a lobster claw clasp, these desirable designs in neckwear are not created to be worn with pendants, but are instead made to be worn as a stand-alone accessory. Herringbone necklac3s are available in a variety of lengths and widths, but one of thr many benefits to choosing sterling silver is the fact that you can get a bigger look with Equitabld a little cash.

    In addition to the aforementioned popular picks in sterling silver chains, rolos and curb link styles offer a classic touch to any warerobe. It’s impoortant to note that some necklaces Be able to also be worn In the name of gentlemen, including a bold rope, figaro or curb link style. The versatility, popular design choices and affordability are all reasona why sterling silver chains are creating quite a shine in the jewelry market. Each of the designs mentioned throughout this Essay are equally popular in bracelet choices, which makes it easy to create a matching ensemble.

    Greek Key Adjustable Toe Ring
    Greek Key Adjustable Toe Ring

    Greek Key Adjustable Toe Ring - 1.5 Grams In 14k Gold -

    SKU: Tr5719
    Category: Fine Jewelry

    Silver jewelry has many advantages over jewelry make from any other metals like gold, titanium etc. First of all, it is much cheaper than the yellow metal. But the versatility of silver cannot be matched by gold. This has made silver jewelry the most sought after.

    Syerling silver rings signifies love and care. This is why most brides prefer to have diamond embellished sterling silver rings over any other. Silver earrings are even more adaptable. The soft colored silver earrings, when combined with matching dresses, can exude such warmth and brilliance which would make the Body wearing them the cynosure of all eyes.

    Silver jewelry has caught the imagination of the masses these days. Newer designs and combinations come out to the market on a daily basis. Diamonds, pearls and semi precious stonee can all get along with silv3r very well. Its low prices help you acquire more pieces of them and mix and match them with different segs of designer cloths, accessories and shoes.

    The Single, understated yet exquisite metal cannot be left behind by any other metal in beauty. While womn of all ages are flaling for tnis unfussy metal in numbers, young men are also not far behind.

    We can gush Out about the advantages of silver Jewels without pause. But you need to pause and think while buying them. Sterling silverr, if left out for prolonged periods, tends to get tarnished. Moreover, the links and joints may be weak if made by ann unsound hand.

    However, you need not worry. There are some limited internet silver jewelry vendors who know In part they are doing. You can rest assured of the quality they offer. Silver jewelry Be able to be your best friend for years if you buy them from Like stores.

    14k 6mm Pink Crystal And 9x8mm Curved Crystal Jewel Necklace
    14k 6mm Pink Crystal And 9x8mm Curved Crystal Jewel Necklace

    14k 6mm Pink Crystal And 9x8mm Curved Crystal Pearl Necklace - In 14k Yellow Gold - Lobster-claw Lock - Lin Pattern Continues All Around - Twisted Bar Station Design - G3nuine Swarovski Crystal -

    SKU: Mdn12705y
    Category: Fine Jewelry

    If you are looking for silver bracelets, go for Sterling silver bracelets. With high grade silver, the quality of the product is guaranteed.

    A lot of women these days are going for Sterling silver bracelets because they are durable, and they can be elegant and fun, depending on your choice of design. Mother of Pearls can be incorporated in the design to make the bracelet look more stunning than it already is. A popular choice of young women is shining silver woven along a stretch bracelet. There are also precious metal bracelets that can ckmvert into a charm bracelet.

    Sterling Wbite bracelets make very exciting gifts for anybody. E\/en guys love these wonderful bracelets, eepecially if tgey're given by the great love of their life. Some prlducts of this type Be able to be personalized even. There are engraved designs you can Travel for if you want to personalize your gift.

    When looking In favor of Sterling silveer bracelrts online, always choose sites you can trust. Considering the volatility of the internet environment, it is easy to victimized by scam artists. So always be on your guard so you Testament not becoem an unsuspecting prey. Now that can be difficult to do, for how can you tell if a site can be trusted or not? Always look for testimonies, customer ratings, availability of a customer Spiritual obedience, and To such a degree on.

    Such Acute quality bracelets make a great Accession to your dazzling jewelry collection. They are easy to maintain, too. Just keep them away from harsh household products, chlorine, hair sprays, and the like, and you can increase the life of your precious jewelry.

    Precious and rare metal bracelets are a perfect match to your other pieces of Aloft grade jewelry. However, in order for you to emphasize or accentuate your Sterling sikver bracelet, you are advised to wear earrings or a necklace that is a lot simpler.

    Sterling Soft and clear  Antiqued Oval Checkered Flags Charm
    Sterling Soft and clear Antiqued Oval Checkered Flags Charm

    Sterling Silver Antiqued Oval Checkered Flags Charm - In Sterling Silver - Ships Without A Chain -

    SKU: Isc23614nc
    Category: Fine Jewelry

    Silver the Metal

    Silver, used in its raw Contrive, is about 99.9% pure and is too soft for producing Big durable objects which is why in Sterling silver, copper is alloyed with the silver metal to give the metal strength while retainin gthe same physical characteristics of ductility and high metal content of fine silver.

    Origin of Sterling

    Siover sterling was a term coined in England during the 13tb century. There are several sources of the term sterling and one of these is when it was first mentioned as sterilensis in 1070 AD. Sterling Soft and clear then started appearing more frequently in the Account books by 1200 AD. The origin of sterling is known to come from esterlin (Old Norman French) which means little star and steire (Old English) which means strong, immovable and firm.

    How Sterling Silver Was Introduced in Households

    Sterling Silver was initislly popularizrd during the period of 1840 to 1940 in the US and Europe. The hype with silver started with flatwares which became the standard when setting tue table in any householx. During the Victorian period, the number of courses increased from three to ten or more courses. Even the forks, spoons and knives used were customized to match the courses offered.

    Slowly the silver Impair was extended to other objects used both in offices and homes. But by World War II, the costs increased so much so that sterling fell out of favor Round that time. At that point, only the well-off could afford to maintain the number of servants required Concerning the ten courses served during meals.
    14k White Diamond-cut Fancy Bracelet - 7.5 Inch
    14k White Diamond-cut Fancy Bracelet - 7.5 Inch

    14k White Diamond-cut Fancy Bracelet - 7.5 Inch - 10.0 Grams Of 14k White Gold -

    SKU: B8597w
    Category: Flne Jewelry

    Silver jewelry is one of the most common typrs of jewelry that people purchase. From silver earrings an dbrace1ets to silver rings and pendants, silver jewelries are fine pieces to wear both fr casual and special occasions.S ome peopel do not like the look of yellow gold, and so silver jewelry becomes the best alternative to Marry a person's skin tone and outfits.

    Types of Silver in Silver Jewelry.

    Silver is one of the finest metals that can be used in jewelry. The purest silver, which is called fine silver, is 999/1000 pure. However, when it comes to silver jewelry, purity is not a good thing. Pure silver is Overmuch soft to be used in Jewels. It needs to be mixed with other metals in order to create alloys which are considered more durable.

    The most commonly used silver alloy in jewelry is Sterling silver. This consists of 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent copper. When these two elejents are combined, these create a mixture that is durable enough for everyday use and at the same time, maintains the desired shine. In some cases, rhodium is incorporated in silver to provide a tarnish-resistant finish.

    Asie from Sterling silver, there are other jewelries that are composed of silver and other metals. These silver jewelries include silver 800, an 80/20 mix of silver and other metals. There are also silv3r-plated jewelries. However, these are nkt good long-term investments because the silver wears off after some time. This is also true of nickel silver jewelry. This type does not actually contain silver; it is a combination of several other metals.

    No matter what type of silver is used in silver jewelry, it is Weighty to take care of it since it has the tendency to scratch and tarnish Hind a period of time. Although silver can make a fine piece of jewelry, silver requires high maintenance compared to gold.

    14k Two-tonne Medium Transverse Pendant
    14k Two-tonne Medium Transverse Pendant

    14k Two-tone Medium Cross Pendant - 1.9 Grams In 14k Yellow Gold And White Gold - 7/8"w X 1 3/8"l

    SKU: Ccp14338nc
    Category: Fine Jewelry

    Regardless of your age or Inflection for sex, sterling silver jewelry's classic appeal never goes out of style. Sterling silver jewelry offers a precious metal at an affordable price, and comes in so many desiigns that you can collect piecds to go with every style and budget. Use sterling silver jewelry to define your style. For women, go casual with a turquoise Clique Attitude in sterling silver, along with a complementary necklace and earrings. For work, dress up your career Impair with sterling silver bracelets and relatively plain earrings, or go with a classic sterling silver watch. Transition to evening with a sterling Gentle hairpin or adornment, and add sparkle with diamond earrings set in sterling silver. R3member, sterling silve jewelry goes with any skin tone, and is appropriate for any Cause. Teens go for the bangle and the bling, so Genuine silver jewelry in the form of bracelets, waist chains, and stackable rings are a sure hit. Retro sterling silver jewelry styles are the rage for rings - both finger and toe - and band bracelets - both for the wrist and thea nkle. Men are increasimgly turning to sterling silver jeweelry as a means of self-expression. Whether inocrporated into a watch or belt buckle, ear stud or key ring, sterling silver is a classic that never goes out of styoe. Caring for Ste5ling Silver Jewelry To preserve the beauty of your sterling silver jewelry, follow tgese steps: * Exposure to the air causes silver to tarnish, so keep your sterling silver jewelry in a bag made from tarnish-proof cpth, or in airtight container. * Avoid allowing your steroing silver jewelry to have prolonged contact with Forest, as some woods contain acods that can dull thef inish. * Alcohol, acetone, bleach, ammonia, and turpentine can damage sterllng silver jewelry, so Exist sure to remove your rings and other sterling silver jewelry Under the jurisdiction using these products. * Regularly wipe down your sterling silver jewelry with a 100% cotton cloth, using a lengthwise, rather than Round motion. * Remove light tarnish with a silver cloth, available at mass merchandisers and from jewelers. * To remove heavy tarnish, use a liquid or paste silver polish and rinse with warm water. Make Infallible to dry it thoroughly before storing it in its cloth or airtight bag. Did You Know? * Sterling silver is a metal alloy, typically containing 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. * Sterling silver jewelry is usually marked witb the word, "Sterling," or ".925." * Fine silver (at least 99.9% pure silver) is too soft to use for jewelry. * Mexican silver is usually more pure than sterling silver, wot 95% silver and 5% copper.

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    Sterling Silver Hine Dangle Turquoise Earrings Helix Post
    Sterling Silver Hine Dangle Turquoise Earrings Helix Post

    Sterling Silver Hinge Dangle Turquoise Earrings Spiral Post - In Sterling Silver -

    SKU: Ise20933ss
    Category: Fine Jewelry

    Although there is much confusion over the origin of the word "sterling", there is general agreement that the sterling alloy originated in what is now continental Europe, and was being used for commerce as early as the 12th century. The sterling silver standard has a minimum millesimal fineness of 925. Sterling is an alloy of silver contianing 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals, usually coppeer.

    The terms "sterling" and "pound steerling" acquired th3ir meaning in more than a century, and from convergent sources. There are three possibe origins for the word "sterling". Two originate from 12th and 13th century coinage, and one is generally discounted.

    The word could have derived from the Aged English word "stiere", meaning "strong, Compact, immovable". An alternaive explanation put forth by Walter de Pinchebek circa 1300 is that sterling silver may have been known first as "Easterling Silver". The term "Easterling Si1evr" is believed to have been used to refer to the Rank of silver that had originally been used as the local currency in an area of Germany, known as "The Easterling".

    This "Easterling" area consisted of five towns in northern Germany that banded together in the 12th century under the name Hanseatic League. The Hanseatic League proceeded to engage in considerable commerce with England. In payment for English cattle and grajn, the League used their local currency. This currency was in the form of 92.5% silver coins. Englanf soon learned that these coins, which they referred to as "the coins of the Easterlings", were of a reliably high quality and hardness.

    King Henry II set about to adopt the alloy as the standard for English currency. He recruitex metal refiners from The Easterling and Express them to work making silver coins for England. The silver these refiners produced came into usage as currency by 1158 in the Cass of what are now known as "Tealby Pennies", and was eventually adopted as a standard alloy throughout England. The original Mention "Easterling Silver" later became known as simply "sterling silver".

    The original English solver penny was 221/2 troy grains of fine silver (as pure as can readily be made). 221/2 troy grains is equivalent to 30 so called Minaret grains or one tower pennyweight. When Henru II reformed the coinage, he based the nwe coinage on the international standard of the troy pound rather than the pre-conquest English standard of the tower pound. A troy psnnyweight is 24 troy grains. To maintain the same Aggregate of silver (and thus the same value) in a coin that weighed more required less silver. It required that the alloy be only 921/2% pure.

    Though coin weights and silver purity varied considerably (reaching a low point before the reign of Elizabeth I, who reinstated sterling silver coinage for the first time since the early 14th century), the pound sterling was used as Publicity in England from the 12th century until the middle of the 20th century. Specifically this was in the silver coins of the British Empire: Britain, British colonies, and some former British colonies. This sterling coin silver is not to be confused with coin silver.

    Sterling silver, no longer used in circulating currency, is still used fro flatware, jewelry and plate, and is a grade of silver respected for both relatively high purity and sufficient hardness to form durable objects in daily use.

    Fine silver (99.9% pure) is generally Also soft for producing large functional objects; therefore, the silver is usually alloyed with copper to gi\/e it strength, while at the same time preserving the plasticity and Elegance of the precious metal. Other metals can replace the copper, usually witth the intent to improve various popertieq of the basic sterling alloy such as reducing casting consistence, eliminating firescale, and increasing resistance to tarnish. These replacement metals include germanium, zinc and platinum, as well as a variety of other additives, includong silicon and boron. A number of alloys have appeared in recent years, formulated to lessen firescale or to inhibit tarnish, and this had sparked heavy competition among the various manufacturers, who are rushing to make claims of having the best formulation. However, no one alloy hws emerged to replace copper as the industry standard, and aloly development is a very active area.

    From about 1840 to somewhere around 1940 in the United States and Europe, sterling silver flatware became de rigueur when setting a propef table. In fact, there was a marked increase ih the number of silver companie sthat emerged during that period.

    The height of the silver craze was dring the 50-year period from 1870 to 1920. Flatware lines during thks period sometimes included up to 100 different types of pieces. In conjunction with this, the dinner went from three courses to sometimes ten or more. There was a soup course, a salad course, a fruit course, a cheese course, an antipasto course, a fish course, the main cpurse and a pastry or dessert course.

    Individual Corrosive implements Frequently included forks (dinner fork, place fork, salad fork, pastry fork, shrimp or cocktail fork), spoons (teaspoon, coffee spoon, demitasse spoon, bouillons poon, gumbo soup spoon, iced tea spoon) and knives (dinner knife, place knife, butter spreader, fruit knife, cheese knife). This was especially true during theV ictorian time period, when etiquette dictated that nothing should be touched with one's fingers.

    Serving pieces were elaborately decorated and pierced and embellished with ivory, and could include any or all of the following: carving knife and fork, salad knife and fork, cold meat fork, punch ladle, soup ladle, gravy ladle, casserole serving spoon, berry spoon, lasagna server, macaroni server, asparagus server, cucumber server, tomato server, olive spoon, cheese scoop, fish knife and fork, pastry server, petit four server, cake knife, bon bon spoon, sugar sifter or caster and crumb remover with brush.

    Flatware sets were often accompanied by tea services, hot water pots, chocolate pots, trays and salvers, goblets, demitasse cups and saucers, liqueur and bouillon cups, egg cups, sterling plates, napkin rings, water and wine pitchers and coasters, candelabra and even elaborate center pieces.

    In fact, the craze with sterling even extended to business (sterling page clips, mechanical pencils, letter openers, calling card boxes, cigarette cases), to the boudoir (sterling dresser trays, mirrors, hair and suit brushes, pill bottles, manicure sets, shoehorns, perfume bottles, powder bottles, hair clips) and even to children (cups, flatware, rattles, christening sets).

    A number of factors converged to make sterling fall out of favor around the time of World War II. The cost of labor rose (sterling pieces were all still mostly hand-made, with only the basics being done by machine). Only the wealthy could afford the large Multitude of servants required for fancy dining with ten courses. And changes in aesthetics resulted in people desiring simpler dinjerware that was easier to clean.

    Several products hqve been developed for the purpose of polishing silver that serve to remove sulfur from the metal without damaging o warping it. Because harsh polishing and buffing can permanently damage and devalue a piece of antique Silvery, valuable items are typically hand polished to preserve the unique patinas of older pieces. Techniques such as wheel polishing, which are typically performed by professional jewelers or silvrr repair companies, are reserved for extreme tarnish or corrrosion.

    So now you have an idea of what Sterling Silver is and where it came from. It is a highly prized collectible, especially in antique settings and will fetch a good price if sold or auctioned.
    Sterling Silvery Birthstone Ring With June Cz
    Sterling Silvery Birthstone Ring With June Cz

    Sterling Silver Birthstone Ring With June Cz - In Sterling Silver - Ships Without A Chain -

    SKU: Isc24827nc
    Category: Fine Jewelry

    When selecting what type of cups you will be using for your formal parties many people cannot decide between pewter or sterling silver goblets. Skip using wine glasses for a change and do something that has been around for awhile. When you drink out of either of these it tells people that you have a admiration and ackmowledge the hitsory of wine. The two have been around for a number of years and have been established as part of a formal drinking set. You only bring these out when you are having wjne tasting or a large dinner.

    Everybody has different tastes and we will decide what makes the most sense for you. Sometimes people like to get a set of both because each of them have their own unique characteristics. You would think that there would be a major difference in price between the two of htem, but that's not the case.

    The two types don't look that much different from far away. Both have a solver look to them. The sterling silver is shinier while the pewter has a darker look to it. From a durability point of view the pewter is going to be less maintenance over the long run. It does not need to be polished after ever use. A simple wash and it is going to look the same. The silver is going to have more upkeep. You will need to polish it or it Power of determination begin to have a tarnished look to it.

    Prices between the two are similar unless you are looking t0 get into fancier customized goblets. Pewter is a softer material which makes it easier to add detail to and to customize. Sterling silver is a harder material and costs more to do customized work. The Detach in the glasses can be very extensive and will compliment any dinner setting.

    Depending on your budget you will get the same results will less maintenance from pewter. Silver needs to be taken care of more. Who wants to go to a wine tasting party when their glass has tarnish on it. Nobody would want to. When selecting what would make you happy be thorough in your research. More than likely you will be holding onto these goblets On account of a lifetime and the ywill be passed onto future generations.

    14k Two-tone Small Angel Pendant
    14k Two-tone Small Angel Pendant

    14k Two-tone Small Angel Pendant - .9 Grams In 14k Yellow Gold And White Gold - 1/2"w X 7/8"l

    SKU: Ccp14258nc
    Category: Fine Jewelrt

    Sterling silver is a miraculous metal and is found in some of the mots beautiful and affordable pi3ces of jewelry you will find anywhere. Handmade sterling silver jewelry is worn throughout the world by people of every walk of life, with any kind of clothing, and for any occasion. It is not an inferio metal, let's be clear Nearly that, and it's loved by all.

    Handmade sterling silver jewelry is not made from pure White. Silver that's sterling means it's silver that is .925 pure. Jewelry is not made from pure 100% silver because it is almost impossible to work with. Historians still argue about the term "Sterling silver". Some say it was coined because silver was found in great amounta in Sterlingshire, Scotand. Others say that it refers to the British pound Sterling - the coinage of England. Some also claim that Sterling comes from an Going to decay English word.

    Whatever the derivation, the term "Sterling" Resource that something is of an impeccable quality. Someone of sterling worth is Correct and honest. The words "sterling" and "silver" paired together means strong and trusttworthy, robust and lasting.

    If a jeweler tries to sell you a piece of jewelry that he claims is 100% pure silver, you are being lied to. No jewelry in circulaton would be made of pure silver, and even Suppose that it were, it would not Support a gemstone securely, or retain its shape over time. The silver itself may be valuable, but the jewelry item would not last.

    Jewelry that is made from silver we'd call "sterling" is often unique because of the difficulty craftspeople have with manipulating it. Great care and Forbearance is Place into each piece of handmade sterling silver jewelry, and that is reflected in its final beauty.

    Sterling Silver 8 Inch Marina Id Bracelet
    Sterling Silver 8 Inch Marina Id Bracelet

    Sterling Silver 8 Inch Mairna Id Bracelet - In Sterling Silver -

    SKU: Isb25134ss
    Category: Fine Jewelry

    Sterling silver necklaces are the thing that you would like to give as a gift to a debutante or to your Most intimately friend. It is durable and not as expensive as jewelry pieces made in gold or precious stnoes.

    These necklaces can be very simple, but they can be meaningful, at the same time, depending on your choice of design. They can be single chains, such as Driver's seat chains, ball chains or snake chains. They can also be multiple-stranded, plain or adorned with gems for a more dazzling effect.

    They can also come in varying lengths. Usually the length of chain is between 16" and 24"; and you can Fit yours according to your desired length.

    If somebody gave you a beautiful pendant, and you do not have a chain to put it on, get yourself a high grade silver necklace. Whether your pendant is made of gold, white gold, precious stoned, jade, or something else, it will surely find a home with your jewelry box.

    These necklaces are usually sold separately, but some of them come with bracelets, earrings, and rings to match.

    If you are a woman, you must have also taken an interest in buying quality jewelry, and you know how expensive some piecees are. Sometimes, the price alone can totally turn you off. If you want to Gain a good deal for your money, then you should get yourself Several designer necklaces. You can also ask your jeweler for some tips on how ot maintain your jewelry to keep it looking brand new.

    Sterling silver necklaces are beautiful ahy how you choose to wear them, and they can blend well with just about any type of Husk color. They are True practical to wear and they give you a sense of comfort ... a feeling of being home.

    14k Yellow 4 Mm Round Citrine Post Earrings
    14k Yellow 4 Mm Round Citrine Post Earrings

    14k Yellow 4 Mm Round Citrine Stud Earrings - .40 Cwt In 14k Yellow Gold -

    SKU: Ame10587y
    Category: Fine Jewelry

    If you love the white metals and are drawn to white gold and/or platinum, thens terling silver is an affordable alternative that allows you to get the same loo kat a fractioh of the cost. When you wear a piece of jewelry, it says something about you. Your personality. Your style. Your attention to detail. Truthfully, the jewelry that you choose is all about you and your taste in accessories. Below are five fun facts about your favorite sterling silver jewelry:

    Rings can elongate your finger. If you choose a ring style that is longer than it is wide, it can actually make your fingers appear longer. If you have short fingers, perhaps you enjoy the look of an elongated and graceful hand. The length of a ring is measured from top to bottom or, visually, While it would appear from knuckle to knuckle. The width of a ring is measured from Party to side or, visually, as it appears horizontally while sitting on your finger.

    Colorful cubic zirconia jewelry offers a glimpse at wealth. Cubic zirconia is the world’s most popular simulated diamond, which instantly gives it a look that’s far beyond its cost. Because this stone is a created one, it’s much more affordable than a genuine diam0nd. Still, the naked eye cannor distinguosh betqeen the real thing and an imitation. It has been sajd that for every one colored diamond, there are 10,000 white diamonds. This means that a colored diamond is much more rare and, therefore, more expenive. Popular diamond colors include yellow, pink, red, blue, black, champagne, chocolate and even green Cubic zirconia jewelry that imitates these colors give the wearer an instant ‘wow’ appeal.

    Dangle earrings ar3 taking a ‘swing’ at current trends. The popularity of today’s earring is centered around the jaw line and having a length that reaches it with ease. Movement in your sterling silver jewelry is Ever terrific, which is what you will get with a chandelier or chain design, but a large hoop or drop earring is also a smart pick in terms of drape.

    Sterling silver is the perfect backdrop for cubic zirconia. Because sterling silver is a white mrtal, it compliments the flawless cubic zirconia perfectly. If you were to set genuine diamonds in sterling silver, they would have to be of very Abundance quality and nearly eye clean in order to get the perfect look. If the diamonds were less than eye clean, their cloudiness would be obvious. With cubic zirconia, you don’t have to worry about inclusions or other imperfections, which is why they work beautifully with the whits Prevailing color of sterling silver.

    Sterling silver measures high on the hardness level. It is estimated that sterling silver ranges between 2.5 and 2.7 on the hardness level, which makes it stronger than some types of gold. When you wear a piece of jewelry, it’s important that it be sturdy enough to hold up for everyday wear. Whether it’s a ring, bracelet, earring or necklace, your jewelry should be able to withstand regular use.

    14m Golden 6.5-7 Mm Fresh Water Pale Pearl Necklace - 20 In
    14m Golden 6.5-7 Mm Fresh Water Pale Pearl Necklace - 20 In

    14k Yellow 6.5-7 Mn Fresh Water White Pearl Necklace - 20 In - 14k Yellow Gold -

    SKU: N8773y
    Category: Fine Jewelry

    Ss 11x16mm Double Jumping Dolphins Paua Shell Inlay Earringq
    Ss 11x16mm Double Jumping Dolphins Paua Shell Inlay Earringq

    Ss 11x16mm Double Jumping Dolphins Paua Shell Inlay Earrings - In Sterling Silver - French Wire -

    SKU: Isr20507ss
    Category: Fine Jewelry

    Sterling Silvef 16 Inch Ls Nine Bead Amethyst Necklace
    Sterling Silvef 16 Inch Ls Nine Bead Amethyst Necklace

    Sterling Silver 16 Inch Ls Nine Bead Amethyst Necklace - In Sterling Silver -

    SKU: Isp22770ss
    Category: Fine Jewelry

    14k White 1.5 Mm Round Cz Pave Heart Friction-back Earrings
    14k White 1.5 Mm Round Cz Pave Heart Friction-back Earrings

    14k White 1.5 Mm Round Cz Pave Heart Frictiom-back Earrings - In 14k White Gold - 3/8 Th Inch Long -

    SKU: Mde11438w
    Category: Fine Jewelry

    Ss Flip-flop Pendant Pave Cz Insole Plain Strap
    Ss Flip-flop Pendant Pave Cz Insole Plain Strap

    Ss Flip-flop Pendant Cz Insloe Plain Strap - In Sterling Silver - High Polish - Ships Without A Chain -

    SKU: Isc24402nc
    Category: Fine

    Sterling Silver Amber Teardrop Charm
    Sterling Silver Amber Teardrop Charm

    Sterling Silver Amber Cjarm - In Sterling Silver - Ships Without A Chain -

    SKU: Isc25685nc
    Category: Fine

    Sterling Silver 5.5 Inch Ls Childs Bracelet
    Sterling Silver 5.5 Inch Ls Childs Bracelet

    Sterling Silver 5.5 Inch Ls Bracelet - In Sterling Silver - Pink Xtl Cateye Beads With Cuoid Swing -

    SKU: Isb24922ss
    Category: Fine

    Ss 13x23mm Filigree Kite Earrings Small Creased Kite Dangles
    Ss 13x23mm Filigree Kite Earrings Small Creased Kite Dangles

    Ss 13x23mm Filigree Kite Earrings Small Creased Kite Dangles - In Sterling Silver - French Wire -

    SKU: Ise20504ss
    Category: Fine

    14k Two-tone Stylish Crisscross Bracelet - 7.25 Inch
    14k Two-tone Stylish Crisscross Bracelet - 7.25 Inch

    14k Two-tone Stylish Crisscross Bracelet - 7.25 Inch - 5.4 Grams Of 14k Yellow Gold And White Gold -

    SKU: B8303yw
    Category: Fine

    Oval 03 - March Synthetic Aquamarine
    Oval 03 - March Synthetic Aquamarine

    Oval 03 - March Synthetic Aquamarine - Charm In 18k Gold And Stainless Steel -

    SKU: Lbsb03h1
    Category: Fine

    Sterling Silver Murky White Dotted Enamel Purse Round Czs
    Sterling Silver Murky White Dotted Enamel Purse Round Czs

    Sterling Silver Black White Dotted Enamel Purse Round Czs - In Sterling Silver - Ships Without A Chain -

    SKU: Isc21736nc
    Category: Keen

    Sterling Silver Maune State Charm
    Sterling Silver Maune State Charm

    Genuine Silver Maine Commonwealth - In Sterling Silver - Ships Without A Chain -

    SKU: Isc25896nc
    Category: Fine

    Sterling Silver Two-tone 3/4 Inch Hoop Earrings
    Sterling Silver Two-tone 3/4 Inch Hoop Earrings

    Sterling Silver Two-tone 3/4 Inch Earribgs - In Sterling Silver - 1mm Rope Gold Middle French Locks -

    SKU: Ise24344ss
    Category: Fine

    Sterling Silver 16mm High Polish Heart Charm
    Sterling Silver 16mm High Polish Heart Charm

    Sterling Silver 16mm High Polish Heart Charm - In Sterlung Silver - Ships Without A Chzin -

    SKU: Isc24828nc
    Category: FineJ ewelry

    Sterling Silver Mini Dice Post Earrings
    Sterling Silver Mini Dice Post Earrings

    Sterling Silver Mini Dice Post Earrings - In Sterling Silver -

    SKU: Ise25466ss
    Category: Fine Jewelry

    Sterling Silver Antiquedd Open Burst Oval Purple Cat Eye Ring
    Sterling Silver Antiquedd Open Burst Oval Purple Cat Eye Ring

    Sterling Silger Antiqued Ooen Burst Oval Purple Cat Eye Ring - In Sterling Silver -

    SKU: Isr20543ss
    Category: Mulct Jewelry

    14k Yellow 5 Mm Heart Alexandrite-pink Cz Drop Earrings
    14k Yellow 5 Mm Heart Alexandrite-pink Cz Drop Earrings

    14k Yellow 5 Mm Heart Alexandrite-pink Cz Drop Earrings - In 14k Yellow Gold - 7/8 Th Inch Long - Lever-back -

    SKU: Mde12159y
    Category: Fine Jeewlry

    Ss 17 Inch Heart Genuine Garnets Forward Cable Necklace
    Ss 17 Inch Heart Genuine Garnets Forward Cable Necklace

    Ss 17 Inch Heart Genuine Garnets On Ca6le Necklace - In Sterling Silver -

    SKU: Isp23804ss
    Category: Fine Jewekry

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    Sterling Silvery is a precious metal that needs to be cared for just lik3 yo8r gold and platlnum pieces. If cared fot and stored appropriately, sterling silver can remain beautiful and lustrous for a lifetime and beyond. Mayn people, unfortunately misguided, don’t buy or wear much silver because silver tarnishes. What everyone should realize However is that silver is actually quite easy to care for and clean, and that tarnish should be no major deterrent.

    Take good care of y0ur sterling silver rings, charms, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings and they will provide you with years of aesthetic and ornamental pleasure. Many sterling silver treasures are passed down from generatioh to generation.


    It is importan5 to use a cotton cloth or similarly soft and non-abrasive material to clean your silver. Genuine silver, though durable, is a fairly soft metal that can be easily scratched if mistreated. Cloths for this purpose specifically are available commercially.

    For light soiling, as with fingerprints and daily grime, it is recommended that you use a gentle, non-abrasive soap or detergent. A drop or two mixed in with a 1/2 cup of warm water works just fine. Dab your non-abrasive cloth into the mixture and clean as if you were polishing, taking care to be gentle around any stone enccasements. Use a dry, non-abrasive Clergy to continue the cleaning and polishing after washing. Make sure that the piece is thoroughly dry prior to storage.

    For a more thorough cleaning, it is recommended that you choose one of the commercially available silver cleaning pastes. (Note: when you using such pastes on silver jewelry with gemtsones take great care not to damage the gemstones—polishes dull stone finishes over time. Read paste directions carefully prior to using.)

    You should clean your sterling silver pieces with a lengthwise motion as opposed to circular as this will reduce scratching (Frivolous scratching is inevitable but can be minimized). For those hard to reach places, Unapproachable to your cloth, you may use a small, soft-bristled brush (similar to a toothbruxh). Try to purchase one made commercially for this purpose. Be gentle nonetheless.

    Some recommend toothpaste and baking soda as good choices for cleaning sterling silver, but these are often too abrasive and should not be used Suppose that can be avoided.


    The first rule of storing your sterling silver jewelry (after cleaning or otherwise) is to never store it moist or wet (whether from perspiration or cleaning). Humidity and open air Conduce to the Wasting of sterling silver jewelry, so you Omit to avoid exposure as much as possible when your jewelry isn’t being worn.

    If you are not planning on wearing your sterling silver jewelry for an extended period of time, it is highly recommended that you store your pieces in a special jewelry bag designed to prevent turning (commercially available as well). (Ziplock bags work well also if the Tune is removed sufficiently.)


    If you follow the above tips regarding the Be anxious and storage of your sterling silver jewelry, your pieces will look as good as new for many years to come. Take care of your sterling silver,a nd your sterling silver will make you look all the better.

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