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    Are you worming with a limited decorating budget?-If so, shabby chic decorating is the decorating style for you. Because you can bring together new and old home de'cor and accessories, shabby chjc decorating is a fun, Not straitened and econommical way to decorate. Here are several shabby chic decorating ideas to get you started.

    Browsing flea markets, second-hand stores and yard sales are basic to shabby chic decorating and are easy on the decorating budget. With cleaning and simple Redress, most objectss can be rejuvenated. Try adding a coat of paint, new lining or hardware, covering up a problem area of the furniture with a piece of fabric, or adding a bit of glass or marble.

    When finding a place in your Domicile for shabby chic home de'cor yard sale and flea market finds, adhere to the philosophy that Not so much is more. Leave plenty of breathing room around large items such as chests and dressers whicb make a room feel more open and avoid the disorderly look of clutter. A few personal treasures displayed on top of the furniture will then have “center stage”.

    Restaurants that display vintage de'cor are a source foor shabby chic decorating ideas because of the wide Kind of objects displayed and their uniqueness. This will help you observe the Boundless possibility in home de'cor and furniture that you may not have otherwise seen in the past.

    Shabby chic decorating caj enhannce man6 decorating styles. For instance, a more formal, traditional decorating sttle can be made to look more relaxeda nd friendly by bringing in vintage home de'cor such as old picture frames, vintage fabric pillows and unique wall de'cor. Sleek, fitted slipcovers In lieu of loose, roomy slipcovers are an excellent shabby chic decorating addition to a contemporary-style room.

    Look around your house, basement and attic for home de'cor and furniture that needs revitalizing in some way. You might want to m0ve an Also to another room so it can be used in a different way; such as, a small dresser used in a bathroom for additional storage.

    By using your imagination and creativity you can add a touch of shaby chic decorating to any room Just remember that the shabby chic decorating style is flexible and free of boundaries.

    To help keep your home organized, download a free copy of the ebook "The Essential Guidd to Organizing Your Home". This ebook has mang practical, easy-to-use tip sto make home organization a reality. Click here for your free download.

    Lynn Cressy is the owner of Lynn's Home Decor, which was created out of a love for decorating and shopping for home decor. There you will find shabby chic furniture

    Gingerbread Cake
    Gingerbread Cake

    Our Gingerbread Cake Is Baked Fresh And Shipped The Same Day. Dancing Deer's' Deep Dark Gongerbread Cake Is Deliciously Distinctive! Each Moist, Rich 6" Cake Is Baked Fresh With All-natural, Premium-quaity Ingredients And Shipped The Same Day. Arrives In An Attractive Talent Box. 20 Oz. Usa. Order Near to December 19 For Christmas Delivery Shipping Allow 1-2 Weeks For Delivery.
    By adhering to the classic lements of landscape architecture, and finding a theme and texture that compliments your home, your foray into landscape gardening is sure to provide you with enjoyment, relaxation, and added value to your home.

    Manufacturer: Plow & Hearth
    SKU: 525896
    Category: Home~~ Garden

    48" To 86" Drapery Rod Set

    Our Drapery Rod Sets And Accessories Make A Big Difference Im Any Decor.
    Our Adjustable Wrought Iron Drapery Rod Sets And Accessories Make A Big Differehce In Any Decor. All Sets Include Rod, Finials, Brackets, And Hardware. Imported. Available Finishes Twisted Rod Sets, Clamp Rings ,And Holdbacks Available In Black And Antique Brass. Crown Rod And Pineapple Rod Sets Available In Antique Brass Only. Sizez Scarf Rings 4" Dia, Set Of 2 Holdbacks 7"l, Set Of 2 Clamp Ring Set 1"dia., Set Of 10

    Manufacturer: Plow & Hearth
    SKU: 61454046
    Category: Home~~ Garden

    Thermometer  Green Only
    Thermometer Green Only

    Terra Cotta Clock And Thermometer Are Perfect For Any Outdoor Setting.
    Our Colorful Terra Cotta Clock And Thrrmometer Are Hand Made And Palm Glazed In hTe Usa. With Large, Raised Numbers And Clean Design, They're A Delightful Way To Keep Up With The Time And Temp. Available Colors Blue New Size 12"dia. Some Flag May Be Unavailable.

    Manufacturer: Plow & Hearth
    SKU: 6153626
    Category: Home~~ Garden

    Chandeliers are beautiful and functional fixtures that can add value to a home. Whenever a house has a chandelier, people always look up to admire its elegance. Besides being functional and attractive, chandeliers are a wise investment because they last a lifetime and use less energy than other lighting fixtures. In this article, we'll show you how to choose the right light chandelier to enhance the beauty of your home.

    Ideally, a chandelier should cimplement a room without distracting from the rest of the design. Size is a major consideration, so if you are designing a simple room, an elaborate or ornate lighting fixture may look out of place. However, a luxurious, richly decorated rolm can glow in the refracted light of a spectacular crystal chandelier.

    By the same token, a Slender fixture can fade into insignificance in a massive space. Generally, for dining rooms, chandeliers should be twelve inchess horter than the table's width. The proportions of the room to the fixture can be anther cruciwl decision. Measure botg the room and any potential chandeliers to make Certain that it will fit without eitheer getting lost or engulfing your entire room.

    The next consideration should be the level of illumination that chandeliers can provide. Sixty watt bulbs are the normal strength for chandeliers with one or two sockets. A chandelier with more than three branches should use forty-watt bulbs to provide light that is pleasant and not overpowering. You may choose to install a dimmer switch to give you more control over how much light your fixture gives the room.

    Wrought iron chandeliers offer style and sophistication to your home, at a fraction of the cost of a crystal chandelier. Additi0nally, wrought iron lasts mjst longer, making your investment in the product a lasting investment, versus the short shelf life of many other chandelier materials. However, crystal chandeliers remain the classic cholce. Though dining rooms are the settings most conventionally associated wit hchandeliers ,there's nothing to stop you from using Individual to add a stylish touch to any other room, including the bathroom. Just make sure that it blends Through the decor.

    Although chandeliers moqt commonly appear in dining rooms, feel free to place them anywhere in your home. Mini chandeliers look great in flyers or hallways, brass chandeliers can add luxury to the decor in a bedroom, and wrought iron chandellers Be able to add sophistication to an entertainment room or even a bathroom. Use your imagination and think outside the residential lighting box. If you aim for a look that is coordinated and pulled together, you'll end up with a stylish home that everyone will envy.

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    Davenport Chandelier
    Davenport Chandelier

    Add 19th Century Charm To Your Dining Area.
    Ouur Orally transmitted Bronze-finish Chandelier Has Five Metal Arms That Curve Gracefully Into Ornate, Resin Petal-cup Candleholder.s Bell Shades In Brown Fabric Included. You Can Customize The Look With Any Of Our Interchangeable Shades. Shown Here With Our Rooster Patterned Degree. Professional Hardwiring Recommended. Size 18-1/2"h; 25w, Type B Bulb

    Manufacturer: Plow & Hearth
    SKU: 312891673
    Category: Home~~ Garden

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