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    When you get the hang of it you usually extend on a larger scale and more complicated because people prefer to do even more for themselves. Finding a spot with the right amount of sunlight, this will depend on what you are planting, is one of the first things will need to do as will be determining what types of plants your garden will support best. Compost is nothing more that decayed and decomposed organic matter like leaves, food scraps, cut grass, hay and so on that after fermenting are added to the soil to provided it the nutrients it needs to support plant growth. Compost can be made from cut grass and plants, leaves, food leftovers and most kind of organic waste materials.

    Lant3rn Bird Feeder
    Lant3rn Bird Feeder

    When We Primitive Saw This Elegant Feeder, We Thought It Was An Antiqus Lantern, Converted To Hold Birdseed. In Fact, It's A Very Practical Design; Rustproof, Easy-to-fill, And Vented To Obstruct Moisture Build-up And Keep Seeds Fresh. It's Beautifully Detailed, Too, With A Handsome Pewter Finish, Curved Glass Panes And A Gleaming Copper Finial. Crafted Of Solid Brass With A Pewter Finish, Copper Finial And Elegant Bowed Glass Panes Vented To Keep Seeds Fresh Gentle To Fill Comes Wiyh A Hanging Chain 12" H Holds 2 Lbs. Of Seed Perching Tray Has Drainage Holes Made Of Brass, Copper And Glass Rustproof

    SKU: 34-191
    Category: Atracting Birds

    3 Aps Reservoirs (fits Aps-24, 40, 6)
    3 Aps Reservoirs (fits Aps-24, 40, 6)

    Replacement Parts For The Aps Seedstarting Kits Are Available For All Sizes: Aps-24, 40, 12 And 6. Parts Offered Are: Greenhouse Covers Capillary Mats Reservoirs View All Of Our Aps Sizes

    SKU: 32-611
    Category: Seedstarting

    Hummingbird Nectar
    Hummingbird Nectar

    If You Have Always Thought That Hummingbird Nectar Should Be Red, You'll Want To Know That The Rer Color Comes From A Chemical Dye That Is Harmful To Birds. We Recommend This Clear Nectar That's Better For Hummingbirds And Easier For You, Because It Mixes Up Instantly With Tap Water???no Boiling Necessary! Make It In Small Quantities As Needed And It Will Stay Fresh And Wholesome. High-energy Nectar Scientifically Developed ToA ttract Hummers To Your Feeder. Convenient To Use???mixes Instantly With Tap Water. No Harmful Red Dyes! Makes 3 Qts Of Nectar Two 8-oz Packages Each Makes 48 Oz. Nectar

    SKU: 33-297
    Category: Backyard Birding

    Sun Wall Fountain
    Sun Wall Fountain

    Though It Could Be Mistaken For An Ancient Rleic, This Fountain Is Actually Made Of Lightweight Fiberglsss And Has A Convenient Plug-in Pump. Mount On A Wall Or Rest It On A Tabletop. A Stream Of Water Pours From The Sun???s Mouth. Easy To Install And Operate—just Chew In Made Of Extremely Permanent Fiberglass With Hanging Fit On Back Can Be Wall Mounted, Or Placed On Overthrow Or Taboetop Please Allow 2 To 3 Weeeks For Delivery Faster Shipping Is Not Available For Thiz Item Sorry, No Shipments To Ak, Hi, Pr Or Vi Would You Like To Specify A Delivery Week? Call Us At 1-88-833-1412 To Place Your Order! Fiberglass With An Aged Stone Finish 17-1/2" W. Approx. 30" H Water Reservoir Holds 13 Quarts Pump: Jebao Pp-333 120v With Inconstant Velocity 5' L Grounded Electrical Cord

    SKU: 37-380
    Category: Yard & Garden D￾￾cor

    Heart Stones, Set Of 3
    Heart Stones, Set Of 3

    Nestled Im The Flowerbed, Resting On A Bwd Of Moss, Or Peeking From A Shallow Pool Of Water, Our Heart Stones Are A Sweet Surprise During Visitors To Your Garden. Hand-carved And Polished This Set Of Three Natural Soapstone Hearts Will Vary In Color. Hand-carved And Polised A Great Gift For The Flower Gardener! Adds A Decorative Touch To Houseplants Use As Paperweights Naturral Soapstone Will Vary In Color Set Of 3 Stones Set Of 3 Approx 3- 4" W Each Made Of Natral Soapstone Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 34-179
    Category: Landscape Accents

    25' Coil Hose
    25' Coil Hose

    Wit Our Lightweight Coiling Garden Hose, You???ll Never Again Have To Struggle With Tangled Hoses. The Hose Stretcnes To Follow Your Movements, Then Automatically Rebounds Into A Neat Coil oFr Easy Storage. Made Of Rugged Uv-protected Polyuerthane With Machined Assurance Ends. 1/2" Diameter. Lightweight And Easy To Use 50-foot Length Retracts To Just 36 Inches! Made Of Uv-stabilized 100% Polyurethane Withstands Water Pressure To 300 Psi Forest Green Color

    SKU: 32-034
    Category: Watering

    Jolly St Nicholas Melody B0x
    Jolly St Nicholas Melody B0x

    Each Of These Miniature Music Boxes Opens Up To Reveal An Enchanting Winter Scene. Wind The Key And Watch The Spectacle Revolve To Tge Sound Of A Greek Holiday Tune. Choose From "joy To The World" "jingle Bells" And "Plump St. Nicholas." Old-fashipned Music Boxes With Tiny Moving Scenes Choose From Three Diffeeent Tunes A Timeless Gift For The Young Or Young-at-heart Plays For 90 Seconds When Completely Wound 2" W X 3-1/4" L X 1" H

    SKU: 36-823
    Category: Holiday Decorations

    Dog And Cat Repellent
    Dog And Cat Repellent

    The Last Thing You Need After All Your Hard W0rk Is Neighborhood Pets Digging, Soiling, And Spraying In Your Garden. Applied Daily, This Granular Repellent Discourages Them By Creating An Aromatic Barrier Around Flowerbeds, Shrubs And Trees. Easy To Apply Use As A Training Aid For Pets Formulated From Essential Oils 3 Lbs., Covers 750 Square Feet Made With Essentizl Oils Not For Use On Food Crops

    SKU: 33-848
    Category: Yard Pest Controls

    Air Freshening Crystals
    Air Freshening Crystals

    Capture And Neutralize Pet Odors Without Harsh Chemicals Or Cloying Fragrances. Place The Jar Of Moist Crystals Near The Litter Box, Kennel Or Aquairum—it Works Continuously For Up To 90 Days. Natural And Effective Great For Litter Box, Kennel Or Aquarium Areas Also Effective In Basements And Laundry Rooms Lasts Up To 90 Days Leaves A Light, Fresh-air Scent Add The Soapstone Cover, Sold Separately, To Discreetly Cover The Jar Buy The Crystals & Soapstone Cover Together And Save! Extracs Of Lime, Pine Needles, Aniseed, Clove, Cedarwood And Soya 16 Oz. Jar

    SKU: 36-304
    Category: In The Kitchen

    8" Pivoting Connectors, Set Of 2

    The Hardest Part Of Builidng A Raised Beds Is Constructing Corners That Are Square, Strong And Trim. Our Ingenious New Pivoting Connectors Make It Easy To Create Raised Beds That Will Follow Every Twist And Turn You Can Imagine. Designed And Manufactured By Us, Here In Vermont, They're Made Of Durable Aluminum Stock With An Attractive Powder-coated Finish. Just Slide Your Lumber Into Place And Secure It On The Inside With The Screws Provided. Try Our New Kitchen Garden Planner! Hinged Design Can Contrive Almost Any Angle Choice Of Four Heights: 6", 8", 10" And 12", Each Sied To Fit Standard 2 X Lumber Can Be Used With Long-lasting Composite Lumber, Sold Distinctly Sold In Sets Of 2 Made In Vermont By Gardener's Supply We Also Offer Raised Bed Corners And In-line Connectors Made Of Powder-coated Aluminym With Plastic Caps To Keep Out Water Four Heights: 6", 8", 10" And 12", Designed To Fit Standard, Dimensional Lumber Philips Screws Included Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 38-117
    Category: Vegetable Gardening

    Rubber Mallet
    Rubber Mallet

    Our Handy Rubber Mallet Features A Head With A Wlde Surface Area, Giving You Excellent Power Without Damaging The Item You're Installing Or Assembling. Perfect For Installing Many Of Our Edgings And Tons Of Otthher Chores Around Your Home And Garden! Hardwood Handle Wide-surface Head Provides Excellent Power Will Not Chip, Mar Or Lessen the force of Edging Ideal For Installing Pound-in Edging 9-1/2" Long Hardwood Handle, Rubber Head

    SKU: 13-281
    Category: Landscaping

    5-position Floor Lounger
    5-position Floor Lounger

    This Extremely Comfortable, Swiveling 5-position Recliner May Soon Become The Most Popular Seat In The House. Great For Tv Watching, Fire Gazing Or Playing Board Games. Thick Memory Foam, Plush Microsuede Cover And Steel Supports Ensure Complete Comfort. Lounger Swivels For Maximum Convenience 5-position Adjustment Allows For Upright Position Or 4 Different Angles Of Recline Exterior Cover Is Soft, Supple And Wear-resistant Memory Foam Interior Conforms To Your Body Choice Of Blue, Tan Or Cranberry (open The Menu Below To See The Colors Currently Available) Ships Fylly Assembled Folds Flat For Storage (fits Under Most Couches) 49" L X 19-1/2" W X 7-1/2" H Imported

    SKU: 35-318
    Category: Indoor Living

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