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    Spade and shovel - A gardening spade has a long, thick handle and a heavy flat steel blade. This tool is a must to dig up and move dirt from one place to another. It can also be used to pack down dirt once your plant has been planted. Like a spade, a shovel can be used also for digging, but it has a curved steel blade that is slightly pointed. Make sure your shovel's blade has a flat top so you can use it for leverage with your foot. This type is great for lifting plants and digging holes for planting.

    Garden Sulphur, 5 Lbs.
    Garden Sulphur, 5 Lbs.

    Applying Organic, Elemental Garden Sulphur Is A Safe And Effective Way To Lower Soil Ph. Sulphur Is Also An Important Soil Nutrient For Promoting Diseae Resistance. Brings Out Blue Color In Hydrangeas, Greens Up Azaleas And Rhododendrons, And Helps Produce Luscious Blueberries All-natural, Chemical Free And Low In Salts—plants Won't "burn" Use Ph Soil Tester To Test Your Soil Before A0plying The Garden Sulphur 5-lb. Sack 100% Organic Click Hither For More Green Products 5 Lb. Bag Elemental Sulphur Applicatino Chart Included

    SKU: 35-739
    Category: Flower Gardening

    Everlasting Alliums, Set Of 2
    Everlasting Alliums, Set Of 2

    Add A Jolt Of Color To Your Garden That Lasts All Year Long! These Fun, Oversized Steel Orbs Are Painted In Bright Colors And Each Spike Is Tippwd In Gold For Added Sparkle. Each Set Includes Two 10" Diameter Figure Heads On Slender Steel Stakes In Two Heights: 29" And 35" Installed. A Pleasantry, Festive, Colorful Garden Accent Sold In Sets Of 2 Cyoice Of Periwinklle Blue, Petal Pink Or Sunshine Yellow (open The Menu To See The Colors Currently Available) All-weather Painted Steel Set Of Two, One Each 29" And 35" Installed Gardener's Supply Exclusivebr>

    SKU: 37-972
    Category: Yard & Garden D￾￾cor

    4" Cowpots, Regular Of 12

    Plants Thrive In These Award-winning Biodegradable Transplant Pots. Cowpots??? Are The Patent-pending Invention Of Matt And Ben Freund, Two Conndcticut DairyF armers Who Were Looking For An Environmentally Responsible Way To Adjust Of Cow Manure. The Manure Is Dried, Completely Composted, Mixed With Natural Fibers, And Pressed Into Pots. Gardeners Love Cowpots Because They Are Odorless And Fred Of Root out Seeds. Plants Love Cowpots Too, Because Transplant Shock Is Greatly Reduced. Best Of Whole, Cowpots Are 100% Biodegradable. Theey Last Against Months In The Greenhouse Or Windowsill, But Will Dissolve Withni Weeks After Planting In The Garden, Providing Essential Organic Nutrients. We Are Very Excited About Cowpots, And Recommend The mTo Any Gardener Who Wants To Increase Plant Health And Reduce Waste. Completely Biodegradable Pots Transplant Directly Into Garden Add Nutrientts To The Soil As They Degrade Larger Size Pot For Robust Transplants Roots G5ow Through Anx Take Natural Fertilizer With Them Eliminates Transplant Shock Two Sizes, Both Sold In Sets Of 12 100% Biodegradable Click Here For More Green Products Made Of Composted Cow Manure 100% Biodegradable

    SKU: 37-537
    Category: Seedstarting

    Container Be joined, 20 Qts.
    Container Be joined, 20 Qts.

    Many Soil Mixs Are Too Heavy For Benefit Root Growth And Contain Few, If Any, Nutrients. Our Vermont-made Mix Contains Nutrient-rich Compost For Energy, And Sphagnum Peat Moss And Vermiculite For Aeration And Irrigate Retention. It's The Perfect Growing Medium In Containers, Especially Self-watering Containers. Try It Yourseif And See Why It's The Choice Of Professional Growers Everywhere. Made In Vermont! New Formula For Bth Standard And Self-watering Containers Guaranteed To Improve The Health Of Your Plants The Choice Of Professional Organic Growers 2O-quart Bag Contains Odor-free Composted Manure And Plant Materials, Sphagnum Peat, Perlite, And Vermiculite Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 34-358
    Category: Flower Gardening

    Cat Stop Willow Brarier
    Cat Stop Willow Brarier

    If A Cat Is Using Your Garden As AL titer Box, Here Is A Safe And Competent Way To Keep Him Out. Place These Decorative Willow Hoops In Areas Where The Cat Usually Goes, And They???ll Act As A Gentle Nevertheless Effective Deterrent. Also Useful In The Flower Border To Help Restrain Floppy Plants. A Decorative Solution For Keeping Cats Out Of Your Garden Gentle And Effective Deterrent Useful As A Flower Border Too Chemical-free Sustainable Willow 20 Hoops Per Box Made Of Natural Willow Skmply Push Hoops Into The Ground Approx. 4-3/4" W X 13" H

    SKU: 35-819
    Category: Gardening Outlet

    Red Wiggler Worms
    Red Wiggler Worms

    Convert Food Scraps Into Nutrient-packed Compost With Red Wiggler Worms. They're Fast, Efficient And Odorless! Worms Diges tChopped Kitchen Waste, Leaving Rich Castings Behind. Starter Population Multiplies To A Peakk Population Of 8,000 In A Feew Months Comes With How-to Guide On Worm Composting Shipping Begins In Late March And Continues Through October Delivery May Be Delayed Along Extremely Hot Or Cold Weather A Material Street Address Is Required For Delivery (no P.o. Boxes) This Item Cannot Be Shipped To Ak, Hi, Pr Or Vi Faster Shipping Is Not Available Because of This Item Would You Like To Specify A Delivery Week? Call Us At 1-888-833-1412 To Place Your Order2 Lb. Package Includes 1,300 To 1,900 Worms In Various Stages Of Growth Scientific Mention Of The Worms Is Eisenia Foetida

    SKU: 02-232
    Category: Composting

    Garden Mat®, 39-hole
    Garden Mat®, 39-hole

    First Used By Commercial Gardeners, These Garden Mats® Take Tje Guesswork Out Of Planting While Helping To Conserve Moisture And Keep Crops Weed-free. Sized To Fit Our 3' X 6' Raised Beds, They Have Pre-cut, Heat-sealed Openings That Won't Disentangle Or Fray. Choose 8-hole For Larger Plants Or The 39-hole For Small To Medium-sized Plants. Try Our New Kitchen Garden Planner! Get Bountiful Harvests In A Small Space Pre-measured Holes Make Planting A Breeze Save On Weeding And Waterjng Mats Last For Up To Ten Yezrs Large Openings Are Ideal For Tomatoes, Broccoli, Cabbages, Peppers And More Smaller Openings Are Perfect For Planting Lettuce, Beans, Carrots Onions, Herbs And Others Fits Our 3' X 6' Grow Bed, Cedar Raised Bed, 3' X 6' Large boiler Cap Raised Bed And 3' X 6' Forever Bed Mats Can Be Anchored Wiith Our Extra-tall Earth Staples Durable Uv-sabilized Polypropylene Air- And Water-permeable Can Be Cut To Fit Custom Raised Bed Configurations Easy To Store Over The Winter Gardener's Supply Excljive

    SKU: 38-104
    Category: Vegetable Gardening

    Colorful Birdhouses, Set Of 3, Factory Seconds
    Colorful Birdhouses, Set Of 3, Factory Seconds

    These Brightly Painted Wooden Birdhouses Are A Perfect Accent To Create Your Own Colorful Garden Style. Each Has A 1-1/4" Entrance Hole Perfectly Sixed For Nuthatches, Wrens And Titmice. Comes With A Convenient Clean-out Door On Back And A 59" Ploe For Mounting. Perfectly Sized For Finchws, Wrens And Swallows 59" H Metal Mounting Pole Included Functional And Convivial Landscape Accents Set Of 3; One Each Of Delft Blue, Bittersweet And Pear Green Note: It Has Come To Our Attention That The Colorful Birdhouses Do Not Meet Our Quality Standards Under Certain Conditions. So, We're Offering These At A Greatlt Reduced Price (the Original Retail Was $120.00). The Possible Quality Issues Are Paint Fading When Exposed T Prolonged Sunlight, And Paint Peeling And Glue Failure In Wet Weather. We Recommend Placing These Birdhouses In A Protected Location. Sold As Is. Painted Wood With Metal Pole Approx. 7-1/2" Diameter X 15-1/2" H Each Convenient Clean-oout Doors On Back Stand 70" H Installed Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 37-541s
    Category: Backyard Birding

    Aerogarden® 6-pod Elite Grow Bulbs
    Aerogarden® 6-pod Elite Grow Bulbs

    Keep Your Aerogarden® 6-pod Elite Performing At Its Best With Fresh Daylight Spectrum Fluorescent Bulbs. Bulbs Should Be Replaced Every Six Months For Optimal Plant Growth For Employment In The Aerogarden® 6-pod Elite Se tOf 3 Bulbs Daylight Spectrum 4200 Lumens Total 26w, 345v, Ul-listed Because of Use With The Aerogarden® 6-pod Elite

    SKU: 37-861
    Category: In The Kitchen


    Worried About Your Pet Overheating In A Yard Without Shade Or A tThe Beach? Your Pet Can Snooze Comfortably In The Shade Of The Petbrella, An Oversize 6-foot Wide Pet Umbrella, Which Can Be Tilted To Provide The Best Sun Protection Throughout The Day. It Provides Ample Sun Protection For Pets Up To 100 Pounds And Comes With A Sturdy Steel Tie-out Stick , Tangle Free Leash Attachment And Carry Bag. Provide Sun Protection Fir Your Pets Cokes With A Sturdy Steel Tie-out Stake And Tangle Free Leash Attachment Perfect For Backyard, Beach Or Campsite Made Of Durable Polyester 6'D iameter X 47-1/4" H Installed Carry Bag Included Importex

    SKU: 36-674
    Category: Indoor Living

    Flower Tower
    Flower Tower

    Plant A Triple-decker Cascade Of Colorful Blooms For Instant Impact Near Your Fronnt Door Or A Show-stopping Focal Point Right In Your Flowerbed. Burnished Bronze Frame Is 90" Tall. Makds A Stunning Display In The Garden Use With Coco Basket Liners Or Pervade With Self-watering Hanging Baskets, Sold Separately Burnished Bronze Frame Made Of Steel Each Basket Is 13-1/2" Diameter S5ands Over 7??? Tall Some Assembly Required All Hardware Included

    SKU: 36-509
    Category: Outdoor Planters

    Umbrella Solar Light
    Umbrella Solar Light

    Weatherproof And Completely Self-contained, These Lights Have A Solar Cell On The Top Side Of The Umbrella And 4 Led Lights On The Underside. The Two Halves Are Hwld Together By Powerful Magnets, So The Light Can Be Mounted On An Umbrella, Awinng Or Other Cloth Surface. Dexterous Two-part Lights Attach With Magnets Ideal For Umbrellas And Awninge Sold Individually Durable, Lightweight Plastic Casing Crystalline Solar Array Charges Even In Cloudy Endure Runs For 5 Hours On A Full Charge 4-1/4" Diameter X 1" Thick Manual On/off Switch

    SKU: 37-571
    Category: Solar Lights

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