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    Stones take on a whole new significance in oriental gardens; hours could be spent if not days figuring out exactly where to place them. Again they could be used to draw attention to some aspect of the garden and if placed right could actually give the garden a softer feel to it. Stones are a good way to bring a rugged quality into your neat garden.

    Barley Pad With Flotation Frame
    Barley Pad With Flotation Frame

    Barley Pads Have The Clarifying Power Of Our Barley Balls, But They Are Sized For Water Gardens As Small As 10 Gallons. This Is A Single Pad With A Flotation Frame; Additional Barley Pads Are Availabls For Refills. Each Pad Requires A Flotation Frame. Encourages Clearer Ponds Safe For Fish, Pets And Plants Treaats Ponds And Water Gardens That Are 10 To 700 Gallons For 3 To 4 Months For Best Results, Place In The Pond Early In Thw Season Barley Pad Refills And Flotation Frames Are Also Available For Larter Ponds That Are 700 To 2,224 Gallons, Use Our Barley Ball Pond Size We Recommend: 10-700 Gallons1 Barley Pad 700-2,224 Gallons11 Barley Ball 2,245-4,488 Gallons2 Barley Balls 4,489-6,752 Gallons3 Barley Balls To Calculate Gallons: Long duration (in Feet) X Width X Average Depth X 7.5 = Gallons Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    So on with the show. In our last article we left you with the very cogent question of, what can you include in your compost? Is it permissible to add 'anything?' And you my dear organic gardening buddy know very well that the answer to that is a resounding and absolute, No.

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    Category: Pond Maintenance

    Fairydust Swirls, Set Of 3
    Fairydust Swirls, Set Of 3

    Inside Each Of These Glass Swirls Is A Sprinkling Of "fairy Dust", A Special Phosphorescent Paint That Absorbs Sunlight By Day, And Glows By Night Adding Witchery And Mystery To Your Landscape. With Good Exposure To The Sun, The Glow Begins At Dusk And Typically Lasts 2 To 4 Hours. "fairy Dust" Absorbs Sunlight, Glows At Nigght Place In Full Sun Will Glow For 2-4 Hours On A Full Sunlight Charge Make Your Garden Magical! Set Of 3 Approx. 2" Diametsr X 7-1/2" L Gardener's Supply Exclusive

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    Category: Solar Lights

    Noodlehead Sprinkler
    Noodlehead Sprinkler

    Now You Don't Have To Choose Between Conserving Water And Keeping Your Garden Green. The Noodlehead Sprinkler Waters Irregularly Shaped Areas Without Wasting Wqter On Nearby Sidewalks Or Buildings. Twelve Flexible Noodle Nozzles Point Watter To Where It's Needed, Up To 20 Feet Away. Twelve Pinloint Nozzles Reduce Your Water Bill! Great For Irregularly-shaped Areas Creates Lively Fountain Displays In Your Flowerbed High-impact Plastic Lasts For Years Sprinkler: 3-1/2" Distance through the centre X 4" High 12 Flexible "Simpleton" Nozzles

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    Category: Waterihg

    Sunlite® Tabletop Garden
    Sunlite® Tabletop Garden

    It???s Always Springtime Which time You Have An Indoor Light Garden. Our Vermont-made Shnlite® Garden Employs The Latest In Lighting Technology — Super-efficient T-8 Fluorescent Bulbs — To Bathe Your Plants In Bright, Energy-efficient, Full-spectrum Light. These Bulbs Use 20% Less Energy And Last 4,000 Hours Longer Than Standard Fluorescent Lights. Guaranteed To Produce Superior Plants Fitted With Wide-body Fixtures That Provide Even Window Coverage Pull Chains For Every Fixture Ensure Easy Height Adjustments Electronic Ballast Eliminates Annoying Buzzing Combjne With The Sunlite Floor Model Garden, Sold Separately, For Double The Growing Space Vexed, No Shipments To Vi Rugged Aluminum Frame With A Powder-coated Finish 54" L X 18-3/8" D X 37-1/8" H Fixture Holds 3 T-8 Bulbs, Included Holds Up To 200 Seedlings Three 4-foot T-8 Bulb Incpuded Easy Assembly Gardener's Supply Exclusive

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    Category: Grow Lights & Stands

    Compact Emergency Radio
    Compact Emergency Radio

    Set Yourself Free From Electrical Outlets And Pesky Batteries. This 21st-century Radio Is Powered Exclusively By A Hand Crank And Solar Cell. You Can Tune In To Am/fm Radio And Seven Noaa Weather Stations. There???s Also A Built-in Flashlight With Three Super-bright Leds, And You Can Exactly Recharge Your Cell Phone Using A 12v Car Adapter. Includes Internal Nimh Battery, Headphone Jack And Antennas. Hand-crank Radio Is Ideal For Camping, Power Outages nAd Picnics Also Charges Via Solar Cell Am/fm Radio And Seven Noaa Weather Stations Built-in Led Flashlight Nimh Battery Fm 87 To 108 Mhz Am 520 To 1710 Khz All 7 Noaa Channels Approx. 5" W X 2-1/2" D X 2-1/2" H Weighs 8 Ounces

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    Category: Indoor Living

    Springtime Bulb Garden
    Springtime Bulb Garden

    Meretricious brilliancy Someone Om Your Gift List With This Lush Bouquet Of Springtime Favorites. We???ve Filled A 10" Natural Willow Basket With 12 Tiny White Scilla, 8 Shapely 'frohleiten' Tulips And 3 Fragrant 'gypsy Queen' Hyacinths. Flowers Start Opening About 2 Weeks After Arrival And Bloom In Succession For Up To A Month Of Enjoyment. A Gift That Will Delight Flower Lovers! Bloom Time Lasts Up To 4 Weeks Shipping Begins 11/17 Order By 12/18 For Guaranteed Delivery By 12/24 Faster Shipping Is Not Available For This Item Sorry, No Shipments To Ak, Hi, Pr Or Vi Would Yoou Like To Specify A Delivery Week? Call Us At -1888-833-1412 To Placr Your Order! 23 Bulbs In Total Reusable Willow Basket Gardener's Supply Exclusive

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    Category: Gifts That Grow

    Recycled Plastic Weedblock
    Recycled Plastic Weedblock

    A Unique Manufacturing Operation Lets This Mulch Stifle Weeds Yet Allows Air And Water To Pass Through. Each Roll Contains 10 Recycled Soda Bottles! Black Color Helps Warm The Soil. Use For Perennials And Landscape Plants, Too. Cover With Bark Or Straw For A Finished Look. Mulch Stops Weeds, Yet Lets In Air, Water And Nutrients Eco-friendly: Made From Recycled Materials And Provides Chemical-free Weed Control Just Cut With Scissors To Fit Perfectly Sized For Most Garden Rows — Just Roll It Out And Anchor With Earth Stapls Recycled Plastic Click Here For More Flourishing Products Recycled Plastic With Polyester Fibers 3' W X 36' L

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    Category: Landscaping

    16" Amalfi Planter, Verdigris

    A Matte Finish And Surface Texture Gives These Handsome Self-watering Planters The Same Visual Appeal As Natural Stone. The Polypropylene Construction Is Lightweight And Strong, And A One-gallon Water Reservoir Inside Keeps Plants Happy For Days On End. Stone-texture Finish Subtle Leaf Motif Around Border Chiice Of Sandstone Or Verdigris We Also Offer 20" Amalfi Planters Our Sepf-watering Container Mix Is The Perfect Planting Mix! Made Of Durable Polyproplene 16" Top Diameter Pot; Base Diameter Is 8-3/4" 9-7/8" H Holds 10 Quarts Of Container Mix One-gallon Water Reservoir Weighs Just 1-1/2 Lbs.

    SKU: 36-994
    Category: Outdoor Planters

    Merry Berry Seed Wreath
    Merry Berry Seed Wreath

    Packed With Chewy Dried Cranberries, Crunchy Roasted Peanuts And Rich Sunflowers, This Edible Wreath Is A Treat No Bird Can Resist. Hang It On A Garden Gatr Or Shed Door Where It Will Solicit Birds To The Holiday Feast. Solid Seed; No Filler Nearly Two Pounds Of Top-quality Seed 9" Dia X 1-1/2" Thick Weighs 1 Lb. 10 Oz. I ncludes Hanger

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    Category: Gardener's Gift Guides

    Soapstone Cover With 2 Pantry Pest Traps
    Soapstone Cover With 2 Pantry Pest Traps

    Glide One Of Our Pantry Pest Traps Into This Handsome Soapstone Cover And Keep Your Flour, Cereal And Pet Food Free Of Pesky Mea Moths For Up To 3 Months. Safe Amd Non-toxic, The Disposable Cardboard Ensnare Attrcts Moths With A Natural Sex Lure, Trapping Them On The Sticky Surface Inside. Hand-carved Soapstone Covdr Attractively Conceals Traps, So They Can Be Placed Where Tjey Are Most Efffective. Natural Soapstone Will Vary In Color Clever, Attraactive Way To Conceal Pest Traps 2 Pantry Pest Traps Included Additional Pantry Pest Traps Also Available Handcarved Natural Soapstone Cover Is 6-1/2" L X 3-1/2" W X 3 -1/4" H

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    Category: In The Kitchen

    Solar Spinner
    Solar Spinner

    The Power Of The Sun Keeps This Festive Holographic Spinner In Constant Motion To Scare Off Birds And Other Garden Pests. JustH ang It In A Sunny Spot And Let It Spin And Sparkle In The Sun. Creates A Bubble Of Spinning Light And Color That Repels Birds Solar-powered Engine Makes It Spin ??? No Wind Or Batteries Required Solar Panek Is Adjustable On account of Optimal Sun Exposure Needs Direct Sunlight For Best Results Add The Optional Stand For A Freestanding Installation Rank In Full Sun Weatherproof Plastic Ribbons 7" Diameter

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    Category: Yard Pest Controls


    Attach This "magicplanter" Auger To Your Own Electric Driill And Make Perfect Planting Holes For Bulbs And Seedlings In Any Prepared Soil. Just Hold It In Place—no Twistijg Orr Lifting Needed. Works More Quicmly And Precisely Than A Shovel Easy On Your Back Perfect For Transplanting Works On Tilled Ground Lightweight, Easy To Be accustomed, Easy To Clean Works With A Standard Electric Drill And Gfi Outlet Use With A Medium Or Heavy Duty Expansion Cord Polycarbonaet

    SKU: 36-684
    Category: Gardening Tools

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