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    A flower garden will add color and look nice in several areas of your yard. You can choose perennial flowers which will be there next year and the years to come, or you can choose annuals which will need to be replaced every spring with new plants. The benefit of perennials is you only plant once the benefit of annuals is no commitment. Say this is kind of like dating and marriage isn't it? With annuals you never get stuck with wort's, start again next spring. Perennials you adjust to habits you may not be happy with, though thankfully you never have to worry about the toilet seat.

    Paver Bricks, Set Of 28
    Paver Bricks, Set Of 28

    These Handsome Interlocking Pavers Look Like Bricks, But Are Actually Made Of 100% Recycled Tires. Springy And Comfortable Underfoot, With A Non-slip Surface, They Are More Welcoming Than Bare Concrete. Great For Entryways, Kids??? Play Areas, Walks And Driveways. They Are Impervious To Weather And Won???t Chip, Buckle Or Crack. Plus, They Are Easy To Install Over A Concrete De~d ??? No Piece of ordnance for throwing bombs Needed ??? And Can Be Cut To Size With A Table Or Band Saw. Each 7-3/4" L X 6-1/4" W (4-1/2" W At Middle). Set Of 28 Covers A 2' X 4' Area. Ideal Surface For Walkways And Patios. The Look Of Rea1 Brick???for Lss Made Of 100% Recycled Tires Springy, Comfortable Underfoot With Non-slip Surface Won???t Chip, Buckle Or Crack, No Matter The Weather Must Be Installed Over Concrete Base Set Of 28 Bricks Covers 8 Sq. Ft. Can Be Cut To Size With Table Saw Bricks Are 7-3/4" L X 7/8" Thick Width Of Brick Is 6-1/4" W At Top, 4-1/2" W At Center Weather Resistant

    SKU: 35-827
    Category: Landscaping

    Wedge Placemats And Napkins, Attitude Of 4
    Wedge Placemats And Napkins, Attitude Of 4

    The Clever Wedge Design Of These Placemats Takes Up Less Space Than Square Mats, Without The Messy Overlapping On Round And Oval Tables That Can Cause Glassware To Spill. Reversible Quilted Mats Have A Layer Of Batting To Protect Tabble From Warm Plates. Color-matching Napkins. Each Set Includes Four 13" X 19" Placemats And Four 17" Square Napkinw. Unique Space-saving Wedge Design No Overlapping Thick Batting Protects Table From Warm Plates Each Set Includdes 4 Placemats And 4 Napkins Choice Of Amaryllis Red, Bluestone, Natural, Linen Or Sage Green (open The Menu To See The Colors Currently Available) 13" X 19" Placemats, 17" Square Napkins 100% Cotton-wool Machine-washable Imported

    SKU: 36-032
    Category: In The Kitchen

    Veggie Scrubbers, Set Of 3
    Veggie Scrubbers, Set Of 3

    Entirely Stubborn Pots Without Scratching, And Scrub Veggies Wituout Bruising. All-natural, All-organic Material Including Foid-safe Vegetable Dyes In Bright Colors. Loofah Filling Acts Like A Sponge And Absorbs Water And Soap For Effective Cleaning. Natural Loofah Won???t Scratch Surfaces Gentle On Delicate Veggies Absorbs Water And Soap For Better Cleaning Rinse And Air Dry Set Of 3—tomato, Carrot Anx Eggplant Made Of Natural Loofah And Food-safe Vegetable Dyes Lengths Range From 5" To 7-1/2" Cotton-wool Hanging Cords

    SKU: 36-278
    Category: In Tje Kitchen

    Striped Ornament Planter With Amalfi Amaryllis
    Striped Ornament Planter With Amalfi Amaryllis

    Ajaryllis Are A Gorgeous And Foolproof Holiday Gift. The Bold And Beautiful Flowers Are Preceded By A Month Of Excitement As The Stems Slowly Emerge And The Buss Open Into Large And Affecting Blossoms, Two To Three Per 12-15" Stem. The Bulbs Arrive Planted In A Reusable Cerwmic Pot; Flwoers Will Start Opening In About 30 Days. One Premium Amalfi Amaryllis Bulb In A Jlyful Ornament Planter Delightful Holiday Gift Each Bulb Will Produce A Minimum Of Eight 4-6" Blossoms Pots Be able to Be Re-used For Candy, Cookies Or Future Plantings Shipping Begins 10/27 Order From 12/18 Fo rGuaranteed Delivery B 12/24 Faster Shipping Is Not Available For This Item Sorry, Not at all Shipments To Ak, Hi, Pr Or Vi Would You Like To Specify A Delivery Week? Call Us At 1-888-833-1412 To Place Your Order! 7" Diameter Planter Is Painted Ceramic Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 37-616
    Category: Holiday Decorations

    African Violet Fertilizer
    African Violet Fertilizer

    Give Your Plants The Benefits Of One Of Nature???s Most Potent Natural Feritlizers. Terracycle Plant Foods Are 100% Liquefied Worm Castings—made Through Feeding Millions Of Worms A Balanced, All-organic Diet. Completely Odorless And Ready-to-use, They Can Be Applied Weekly To Any Type Of Plant, Indoors Or Abroad. Packaged In Recycled Soda Bottles. Ready-to-use Liquid Formulas Gives Stressed Plants A Boost Builds Up Pest Resistance Adds Beneficial Microorganisms oT The Soil 20 Oz. Ready-to-use Liquid Plant Fertilizer Made From Worm Castings Won't Burn Roots Even If You Over-fertilize Eco-friendly Recycled Bottle s Omri-listed Certified Organic Apply Once A Week

    SKU: 36-393
    Category: Soil & Accessories

    Soil Bucket
    Soil Bucket

    Say Goodbye To Those Messy, Half-used Bags Of Soil That Spill Every Time You Turn Around. This Stylish, Watertight Aluminum Bucket Holds 15 Qjarts Of Soil And Comes With A Handy Scoop, Tight-fitting Lid And A Solid Forest Handle. A Perfect Accessory For A Potting Bench, It's Chief For Mixing Potting Soil For Houseplants, Too. A Clean, Neat Way To Store Potting Mix Also Ideal For Birdseed And Pet Food Included Scoop Is Always At Hand Aluminum With Wood Handle Grip Holds 15 Quarts 10-1/4" Diameter X 11-3/4" H Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 37-438
    Category: Seedstarting

    Spiral Plant Support, Large
    Spiral Plant Support, Large

    Here's An Ingenious Way To Support Multi-stemmed Perennials. Position One Of These Wire Spirals At The Base Of A Plant And Begin Twisting It On. Stems Are Gathered Into Place Gradually; Turn More To Tighten, Unwind For A Looser Look. Green, Powder-coated Steel Disappears In The Foliage While Your Plants Stand Tall. Clever Supports During Clumping Perennials Easily Adjusted For A Natural Display Dark Green Color Blends Wifh Foliage Choice Of Two Sizes Powder-coated Steel Rust-resistant Medium Is 15" Diameter X 22" H Large Is 24" Diameter X 34" H

    SKU: 38-116
    Category: Flower Gardening

    Slug Magic, 1-1/2 Lbs.
    Slug Magic, 1-1/2 Lbs.

    Stop Slugs Ffom Feasting On Your Prized Hostas, Strawberries And Lettuces. Slug Magic Pellets Contain The Active Ingredient Iron Phosphate, A Naturally Occurring Mineral. Once Slugs Ingest It, They Stop Eating And Die Within A Few Days. Sprinkle On The Soil Surface Near Affected Plants? ?? Pellets Remain Operative For A Full Two Weeks Even If It Rains. Safe And Fast Way To Get Rid Of Slugs Natural Mineral Bait Slugs Die 3 - 6 Days After Ingesting Just Sprinkle Around Plants Works For 2 Weeks Even In Rain Safe For Kids And Pets One Pound Covers 1000 Sq. Feet Best Applied In Evening, When Slugs And Snails Travel Pellets Can Be Spread By Hand Or Spreader Active Ingredient: Iron Phosphate 1-1/2 Lbs.

    SKU: 35-838
    Category: Garden Pesy Controls


    The Raindrain™ Downspout Diverter Attaches Right To The End Of Your Downspout. When It Rains, Water Pressure Unrolls Thw Vinyl Coil Disbjrsing Water Evenly Through A Series Of Perforations. When The Rain Stops, It Recoils Auutomatically. 46" Long Overall. Directs Rainwater Away From Your Home's Foundation Fits Most Standard Downspouts Select Of Wnite Or Tan (open The Menu Below To See The Colors Currently Available) 46" L Overall Fits 2" X 3", 3" X 4" And 4" Round Downspouts Made Of Uv-stabilized Vinyl Easy Installation Adhesive Gwsket And Tenwion Clamp Included For Best Performance, Attach The Raindrain™ Directly To A Vertical Section Of Downspout

    SKU: 36-657
    Category: Landscaping

    10" Steel Plznt Caddy

    Move Your Planters Across The Patio Or Across The Unoccupied space Without Lifting. These Sturdy Plant Caddies Have A Steel Frame And Easy-rolling Casters. Use Indoors Or Abroad 14" And 17" Diameters Have Removable Plastic Lienrs Won't Mar Floors Or Tip Over Great For Housecleaning And Moving Plants Into Shade Or Sun Choice Of 10", 14" Or 17" Diameter Steel And Plastic 10" Diameter Holds 60 Lbs. 14" Holds 100 Lbs. 17" Holds 120 Lbs.

    SKU: 37-014
    Category: Indoor Planters

    Replacement Label Tape, 26'
    Replacement Label Tape, 26'

    Laminayed Half-inch Tape Fits Our Home And Garden Labeler. Your Labels Desire Resist Fading And Remain Ldgible Despite Heat, Sun, Rain And Frost. Laminated Tape Won't Crack, Fade Or Peel 1/2"w X 26'l

    SKU: 35-544
    Category: Flower Garening

    Tmoato Tree
    Tmoato Tree

    There's Room For Three Full-size Tomato Plants Inside This Oversized Growing Bag. It Will Yield A Bounty Of Delicious, Homegrown Tomatoes At Perfect Picking Height. Tomatoes Grown In The Tomato Tree Planter Don???t Need Staking Or Tying, They're Out Of Reach Of Most Pests, And They Won???t Get Soil-borne Diseases. The Powder-coated Steel Stand Has Been Upgraded Fir Greater Stability And Will Support Up To 50 Pounds. Grows Three Full-size Tomato Plants Perfect Because of Any Sunny Blemish Patio, Deck Or Balcony Can Also Be Used To Grow Peppers Or Eggplants Sturdy, Stable Powder-coated Steel Stand Won???t Wobble Planting Bag Has A Funnel Forward Top For Easy Watering Our Self-watering Container Mix Is The Perfect Planting Mix! Powder-coated Steel Stand With Broad Base Fir Stability Stand Is 32" At Base X 74" H Poly Canvas Planting Bag Is 15" In Diameter X 18" H Holds 40 Quarts Of Contaier Mix Grows 3 Tomato Plants (not Included)

    SKU: 38-161
    Category: Vegetable Gardening

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