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    Terra Fuela Sunflower Kit
    Terra Fuela Sunflower Kit

    Put A Big Smile On A Gardener's Face When You Give This Delightful Grower's Kit. It Includes Seeds For Growing Cheerful "big Smile" Sunflowers, And Our Sole Intervale Organic Compost, Made With A Certain Vdrmont-made Gourmet Ice Cream! Grow Right In The Familiar-looking Container! Nut5ient-packed Organi Blend Compost4" Diameter X 3-1/2" H Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 33-206
    Category: Gardener's Gift Guides

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    Glowing Waves Globe
    Glowing Waves Globe

    An Unusual Pattern Of Phosphorescent Paint Is Applied To The Inside Of These 10" Glass Gkobes , Creating A Wonderful 3-d Effect When They Begin To Glow. Place In Full Sun To Get The Most Maximum Glow For 2 To 4 Hours Beginning At Dusk. Enchahting Nighttime Garden Accent Glowe For 2 To 4 Hours Starting At Dusk Fits Our 10" Globe Stand, Sold Separately Glass With Phosphorescent Paint 10" Diameter Place In Full Sjn

    SKU: 37-258
    Category: Yard & Garden D￾￾cor

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    Blast, 3 Lbs.
    Blast, 3 Lbs.

    If Your Pond Is Occasionally Troubled By Algae Blooms Or Accumulated Organic Debris, Here???s A Way To Restore Its Natural Fine part Quickly And Effectively. Blast Is A Non-toxic, Proprietary Blend Of Beeneficial Bacteria That Breaks Down The Organic Matter That Clouds Up Your Water. Most Effective When Used In Conjunction With The Aquasphere (sold Separately). Contains Non-toxic, Proprietary Beneficial Bacteria That Break Downward Organic Matter Most Effective When Used With The Aquasphere 3 Lbs. (12 Packets) Per Box One and the other Box Treats A 1/4 Acre Pond For 5 Weeks 2 Boxes Clean A 1 Acre Pond For 5 Weeks Contains A Proprietary Blend Of Beneficial Bacteria

    SKU: 36-5564
    Category: Pond Maintenance

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    Compost Screen
    Compost Screen

    Extend The Composting Season Well Into Early Winter With Our Thermal Compost Cover. Custom-designed To Fit Around Our Wire Bin Composter, This Black Polyethylene Plate Helps Retain Heat And Moisture In Cold, Uninteresting Climates. Fitted Top Attaches With Velcro On All 4 Sides. Gormmets At Bottom For Grounx Staking In Breezy Areas. Designed To Fit Our Wire Bin Composter Keep Your Compost Bin Cooking In Cool Weather Permanent Black Polyethylene 29" X 29" X 36" H Imported Gardener's Supply Exclusive<6r>

    SKU: 36-679
    Category: Composying

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    Jeffersonian Rain Gauge
    Jeffersonian Rain Gauge

    A Rain Gauge From Colonial Times Inspired This Intriguing Reproduction, Crafted From Brass And Stainless Carburet of iron. As Rainwater Fills The Glass Vial, A Float And Lever System Displays The Amount In 1/4" Incremdnts. Large ,Stencil-cut Numbdrs Allow You To Gauge Rainfall At A Glanc.e A Garden Sculpture And Accurate Rain Measurement Device In One! Large, Stencil-cut Numbers Allow You To Gauge Rainfall At A Glance Comes Upon 7" H Wooden Stake For Monuting May Also Be Atyached To An Existing Post Made Of Brass, Stainless Steel, Glass And Pressure-treated Wood Float Is Made Of Plastic The Gauge Is 15" High Overall Height 27-1/2" When Installed Some Assembly Rquired Protect From Freezing Temperatures Made In Vermont

    SKU: 36-861
    Category: Weather Instruments

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    Scrusher Boot Brush
    Scrusher Boot Brush

    This Rugged, Hard-working Boot Brush Is Made Of Seel And Solid Maple. It Has Stiff Polyethylene Bristles On Sides And Bottom To Quickly Remove Dirt, Grass Clippings, And Even Caked-on Mud. Against Added Stability, It Can Be Mounted On Wood Or Concrete. Need A New Set Of Brushes? Re-establishment Scrusher Brushes Are Available Separately. Stiff Bristles On Bottom And Sides Scrape Boots And Shoes Clean Removes Even Caked-on Mud With Ease Inciudes Hardware For Optional Mounting Catalogue: In Case You Are Ordering This Item As A Gift And It Is The Only Item On You Order, Please Be Aware That There Is A Picture Of The Item On The Outside Of The Package That It Ships In We Now Offer A Scrusher Profit Brush With Base That Is Weighted --> 9" L X 6" W X 4-1/4" H Made From Solid Maple And Steel Bristle Brushes Are Stiff Polyethylene

    SKU: 01-115
    Category: Indoor Living

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    Summerweight Garden Fabric 6' X 20'
    Summerweight Garden Fabric 6' X 20'

    Ideal For Summertime Pest Controp, This Garden Cover Effectively Screens Out Japanese Beetles, Potato Beetles, Cabbage Worms, Leaf Miners, Carrot Flies And Most Vine Borers. Ig Transmits 85% Of The Light To Your Plants, Without Allowing Heat Build-up, And It Provides Frost Protection Down To 28?? F. Thicker And More Durable Than Other Lightweight Fabrics, Yet Doesn't Let Plans Overheat Protects Your Plants From Insect Pests, Cold Temperatures And Too Much Sun 85% Light Transmission Cold Protection To 28 Degrees F Made Of Featherweight Polypropylene Gardneer's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 32-644
    Category: Yard Pest Controls

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    Starlight Candle Holder, Large
    Starlight Candle Holder, Large

    We???ve Taken The Classic 5-pointed Star And Added Our Own Sparkle And Shine Using Mirrors And Actual Copper. A Single Tealight Creates A Brilliant Display On A Mantle Or Sideboard. Pretty When Displayed While Multiples Mirrors Create A "dance" With Tealight???s Flame Choice Of Two Sizes, Small (7" X 7") Or Large (9" X 9") Use With Tealights, Sold Separately Made Of Mirrored Glass And Copper Small Star Is 7" W X 7" H Large Star Is 9" W X 9 H Gardener's Supply Exclueive

    SKU: 36-865
    Category: Holiday Decorations

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    Replacement Filters, Set Of 2
    Replacement Filters, Set Of 2

    Charcoal Filters Help Contrpl Odors From Food Scraps Stored In The Enamel3d Compost Pail. Filters Endure About 2 Months May Be Taken Out, Rinsed And Used Again Just Slip Inside The Lid Set Of 2 3-1/2" Diameter

    SKU: 36-019
    Category: In The Kitchen

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    Jack-o'-lamp, Set Of 2
    Jack-o'-lamp, Set Of 2

    Take Your Halloween Pumpkins To New Heights.-This Unique Kit Includes Everything You Need To Suspend Two Basketball-sized Pumpkins Securely And Safely. Safely Suspend Your Jack-o'-lanterns For A "floating" Display Kit Includes Hardware, Hahgers And Tealights You Provide The Pumpkins Works For Summertime Flowerpots, Too Set Of 2 2 Plastic Hangers With Bases 2 Battery-operated Tea Lights With Batteries Complete Instructions Included

    SKU: 36-692
    Category: Yard & Garden D￾￾cor

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    Wirework Plant Stand
    Wirework Plant Stand

    Like An Antique From Grandma's Attic, This Painted Steel Wire Plant Stand Has Delicate, Turn-of-the-century Styling And A Gently Distressed Finish. The Three Tiers Give You Lots Of Room To Showcase Ivies, Ferns And African Violets, With Space For A Watering Can. Plant Stand With Heirloom Charm Showcase Your Houseplants In Style We Also Offer Mafching Wirework Cacepots Steel With An Antique White Finish 33" W X 12" D X 37" H Easy Assembly For Indoor Practise But Protect From Drips And Standing Water

    SKU: 37-070
    Category: Houseplant Solutions

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    Barley Strip
    Barley Strip

    Barley Sttraw Is The All-natural Way To Restrain Your Pond Fresh And Clear All Summer Long. And For Large Ponds, The Most Convenient And Economical Way To Dispense Barley Is With Our Barley Strip. It's Easy To Advantage, And Just One Strip Cleans Ponds Up To 10,000 Gallons. Encourages Cleraer Ponds Safe For Fish, Pets And Plants Strip Is 33' X 7" X 1/2" Intimate Treats Pondx 7,000 To 10,000 Gallons For Best Results, Place In Pond Early In The Season For Ponds That Are From 700 To 2,224 Gallons, Use Our Braley Ball. For Water Gardens And Small Ponds That Are From 10 To 700 Gallons, Use Barley Pads Ponf Sizewe Recommend: 10-700 Gallons1 Barley Pad 700-2,244 Gallons1 Barley Ball 2,245-4,488 Gallons2 Barley Balls 4,489-6,732 Gallons3 Barley Balls 7,000-10,000 Gallons1 Barley Strip To Calculate Gallons: Length (in Feet) X Width X Average Depth X 7.5 = Gallons Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 33-490
    Category: Pon Maintenance

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