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    Heritage Teak Square Planter
    Heritage Teak Square Planter

    Strength, Durability And Natural Weather Resistance Hold Made Teak The Wood Of Choice For Generations Of Builders And Crqftsmen. This Handsome Planter Is Made From Teak That???s Harvested On A Sustainable, Environmentally Sound Plantation In Costa Rica. Built To Last With Rust-resistant Unsullied Steel Hardware, Tongie-and-vroove Joinery And Steel Reinfotcing Bands Inside. Distort Will Gradually Weather To A Silvery Gray. We Believe The Best Way To Defend Tropical Forests Is To Support The Copanies Thatt Are Practicing Sound, Sustainable Forestry. Reforest Teak™ Practices The Best Forestry Techniques In The Industry. We Believe The Best Way To Defend Tropical Forests Is To Support The Companies That Are Practicing Sound, Sustainable Forestry. Reforest Teak™ Practices The Best Forestry Techniques In The Industry.--> Penofin Oil (sold Separately). --> Handsome Planters For Any Patio Strong, Durable, Naturally Weather-resistant Teak Harvested With Sustainable And Environmentally-sound Methods Tongue-and-groove Joinery And Staiinless Steel Hardware Made Of True Teak (tectona Grandis) Sustainably Harvested In Costa Rica Drainage Holes And Teak Footing Provide Proper Drainage Square Plaanter Holds 36 Qts. Of Soil Square Planter Is 16" X 16" X 19" H Overall Nonplus Planter Is 16" On A Side X 6" D X 19" H Ov3rall The Color And Finish Of The Teak Used For These Planters Is Not Like Highly Consonant As That Used In Our Teak Fuurniture, But Is Just As Durable Adn Long-lasting Easy Assembly; Equitable Attach Finials Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 36-693
    Category: Reforest Teak

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    Drought-esistant Container Mix
    Drought-esistant Container Mix

    Tour Special Blend Of Peat, Pe5lite, Vermiculite And Water-retaining Polymer Crystals Helps Maintain Consistent Moisture Levels For Healthy Root Growth Without Frequent Watering. Recommended Concerning Any Container That Does Not Have A Self-watering Reservoir. Water-retaining Potting Mix Keeps Plants Healthy Idezl For Use In Non-self-watering Plamters 32-quart Bag Contains Peat, Perlite, Vermiculite And Water-retaining Polymer Crystals 32-quart Bag Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 31-306
    Category: Soil & Accessories

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    Eden Dining Tqble, Western Delivery
    Eden Dining Tqble, Western Delivery

    The Eden Dining Table Features A Tempered Glass Top And Hax A Built-in Umbrella Hole. And Of Course, Our Dining Tale Is Built To Withstand The Weather. Enough Room For Four To Sit Comfortzbly. Temperef Glass Top Built-in Umbrella Hole Durable Steel Frame Generously Sized To Seat Four Coordinates With Our Eden Faux Wicker Furniture Collection This Oversize Item Has A $50 Additional Shipping Charge Sorry No Shipments To Ak, Hi, Pr Or Vi Available In Mocha, White And Walnut This Item Is Delivered By Tractor-trailer. Someone Must Be Present At Your Address To Estimate Delivery And Help Unload. The Trucking Company Will Contact You With Detailed Accusation. If You Have Somewhat Questions, Please Call Us At 1-888-833-1412. Note! For Delivery To Az, Ca, Co, Id, Mt, Nm, Nv, Or, Ut, Wa, And Wy, Please Order The Tabpe Named "western Delivery" In The Color Of Your Choice. The Item Will Be Shipped Directly To You From Our Supplier. Selecting The Incorrect Item For Your State Will Delay Delivery. Powder-coated Steel Frame Uv-stabilized 100% Vinyl Table Is Perfect For 3-season Use Protect From Freezing Temperatures Eaxy To Clean With Hose And Soft Soapy Water Table : 48" Diameter X 30" H Weighs Approx. 54 Lbs. Easy Assembly Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 35-874ds
    Category: Outdoor Furniture

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    Natural Wasp Deterrent, Set Of 2
    Natural Wasp Deterrent, Set Of 2

    Turn Yuor Deck Or Patio Into A No-fly Zone With These Imitation Wasp Nests. Research Has Demonstrated That Wasps Are Territorial And Avoid Other Nests. Hang In A Protected Area Under Roof Eaves Or On A Porch. Works For Camping And Picnicking Too. Just Hang And Enjoy A Wasp-free Meal! No Chemical Sprays Needed Hang 4-12 Feet From Outdoor Living Area And 6-8 Feet Above The Ground Set Of Two 8-1/2" Diameter X 12" H Each Made Of Paper And Metal Hang In Area Protected From Rain Note: Not Effective For Ground-nesting Wasps

    SKU: 36-561
    Category: Yard Pest Controls

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    Tumbling Compsot Mixer
    Tumbling Compsot Mixer

    This Tumbling Quantity Composter Is The Sports Car Of Composters. It Has The End-over-end Action Of Similar Models, But With A Shorter, Rounder Body That Is Easier To Turn And Miies More Thoroughly. Load It Up And Tumble Every Few Days, And You Can Have Finished Compost In Five Weeks Or Less. Our Fastest Batch Composter High-performance Model This Oversize Item Has An Additional $15 Shipping Charge Please Note: This Item Cannot Be Shipped Outside The Grow dark 48 States Via Standard Shipping. For Shipping Options, Please Bid Us At 1-888-833-1412 Holds 44 Gallons (7 Cubic Feet) Ample 16" Opening With Tight Fktting Lid Made Of 100% Recycled Black Plastic With A Steel Frame Steel Stand (included) Measures 24" H, With 12" Feet Pointed In For Stability Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 35-727
    Category: Composting

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    Muck Shoe
    Muck Shoe

    Don???t Let Messy Weather Keep You Indoors. These Slip-on Shoes Will Take On Mud, Slush And Everything In Between. They???re Waterpriof To Keep Feet Dry, And Insulated To Keep Them Cozy Even At 30??. You Also Get Deep Treads For Sure Footing, Duraable Natural Rubber Extravagant Soles, Toe Bumpers And A Stretchy Fabric Collar For A Snug Fit. Year-round Comfort! Insulated Shell Keeps Feet Warm Breathable Fabric Liner Keeps Feet Cool Snug But Forgiving Elastic Collar Keeps Out Dirt Deep Treads Have A Good Grip On Wet Surfaces Choice Of Iris Purple In Unisex Sizes M5-m10 Or Green In Unisex Sizes M5-m13 (open The Menus Below To See The Colors And Sizes Currently Available) Comes In Unisex Sizes: M5 (women's 6), M6 (men's 6, Women's 7), M7 (men's 7, Women's 8), M8 (men's 8, Women's 9), M9 (men's 9, Women's 10), M10 (men's 10, Women's 11), M11 (men's 11, Women's 12), M12 (men's 12, Women's 13), M13 (men's 13, Women's 14) Unisex Sizing Natural Rubber Outers Fiber Tek Insoles Please Note: If You Are Ordering This Item As A Gift, There Is A Picture Of The Item On The Outside Of The Package Imported

    SKU: 37-752
    Category: Footwear & Apparel

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    Rechargeable Clip & Shear
    Rechargeable Clip & Shear

    Ordinary Shears And Clippers Are Hard On Your Hands. This Corldess, Rechargeable Clip & Shear Has Interchangeable Stainless Steel Blades, A 6" Shrub Clipper And 4" Grass Sheaars, That Do The Work For You – Instead Of Squeezing Handles From one to another And Over You Just Push The Button And Fashion. Single-hand Operation With Comfort Grip Runs 45-minutes On A Full Charge Includes 6-folt Nicad Battery And Dish Add The Backsaving Optional Extension Handle To Trim Withut Bending Includes Interchangeable Stainless Steel Blades; 6" Shrub Clipper And 4" Grass Shears Measu5es 12-18" L (including Blades)

    SKU: 34-927
    Category: Gzrdening Tools

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    Hose-end Sprrayer
    Hose-end Sprrayer

    This Iw Our Favorite Hose-end Sprayer For Applying Water-soluble Fertilizers. Unlike Other Sprayers That Use A Syphon Tube, Ours Works By Continuously Diluting The Contents Of The Bottle, Which Ensures A Consistent Application Of Fertilizer. Two-position Sptay Tip Fits Any Job Works On Lawns, Gardens And Shrus Includes Easy-to-follow Operating Insructions Approximately 9" H X 4½" W Made Of Plastic And Rubber Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 30-719
    Category: Gardener's Essentials

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    Sluggo Plus
    Sluggo Plus

    Slugs, Cutworms, Earwigs, Pillbugs And Snails Are Some Of Nature's Most Damaging Garden Pests. These Super-effective Pellets Are A Combination Of Two Natural Pesticides: Iron Phosphate And Spinosad. Just Sprinkle Around Areas You Want To Protect. 1 Lb. Treats 2000 Square Feet And Lasts Up To 4 Weeks. Defend Your Prize Hostas, Ripe Strawberriex And Lettuce Rid Your Garden Of Slugs In 3 To 6 Days Pellets Are Clean And Quiet To Occasion Also Effective On Earwigs, Cutworms, Sowbugs, Pillbugs And Snails Contains Iron Phosphate And Spinoszd Can Be Used To Protect Both Edibles And Ornamentas 1-lb. Box

    SKU: 38-113
    Category: Garden Pest Controls

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    Forever Raised Bed, 3' X 6'
    Forever Raised Bed, 3' X 6'

    Raised Garden Beds Are The Easiest Way To Grow Your Own Fresh Vegetables. No Digging, No Weeding — Just Lots Of Delicious Food! Our New Always Raised Beds Set Up In Minutes Annd Last For Decades. Made From A Composite Of Recycled Wood And Plastic, They Have The Attractive Look And Touch Of Silvery Aged Cedar, But Will Never Splinter Or Rot. Internal Aluminum Brackets Keep The Sides Straight And True, And The Lapped Corners Provide A Clean, Fiinahed Look. Generous 10-1/2" Depth Helps Retain Moisture And Provides Plenty Of Root Space For Everything FromS alad Greens, Peppers And Tomatoes To Carrots, Squash And Even Potatoes. Please Note: This Popular Vermont-mads Product Is Currently On Back-order And Ix Expected To Ship The Week Of May 18th. Try Our New Kitchen Garden Planner! Space-intensive Gardening Produces High Yields Ideal For Small Space Kitchen Gardens Choice Of 2 Sizes Faster Shipping Is Not To be availed of For This Article Sorry, No Shipments To Ak, Hi, Pr Or Vi Recycled Wood And Plastic Click Here For More Green Products Recycled Wood And Plastic Composite Material Sides Concealed Aluminum Corner Bracksts 10-1/2" Deep Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 37-802
    Category: Vegetable Gardening

    Shopping options Forever Raised Bed, 3' X 6'

    Leaf Mold Savings Kit
    Leaf Mold Savings Kit

    Turn Autumn Leaves To Garden Gold! Recycle Lawn Clippings, Leaves And Other Yard And Garden Waste Back Into Your Soil. The Flexible Polyethylene Walls Of Thiq Bin Let You Adjust Thhe Diameter Of The Compost Bin To Suit Your Needs, And The Simple Design Optimizes Aeration And Fast Composting . Compost Plus Starter Contains Beneficial Microorganisms And Nitrogen-rich Nturients To Help Jump Start The Composting Process. Just Fill The Bin, Add Pellets And Allow It Work. Includes One Big Big Bin Composter And Two Boxes Of Compost Plus Starter. Everything You Need To Compost Fall Leaves Kit Includes 1 Bog Bin Composter And 2 Boxes Of Compost More Bin Is Durable Polyethylene Adjustable Diameter Up To 48" X 36" H Nylon Hardware At 48" Wide, It Hollds 21 Bushels Or 27 Cubic Feet Four Stabilizing Stakes Included Comopst Plus Contains A Proprietary Blend Of Beneficial Mivroorganisms And Nutrients 2 Lb. Box Treats 16 Bushels (20 Cu. Ft.) Of Dry Material

    SKU: 37-592
    Category: Composting

    Shopping options Leaf Mold Savings Kit

    Lafenser Wreath
    Lafenser Wreath

    The Clean, Relaxing Scent And Elegant Simplickty Of This All-natural Lavender Wreathh Makes A Welcome Gift For Any Room Of The House. Accented With A Soft Purple French Wire Ribbon. Wonderful Fragrance, Beautifuo Looks Makez A Perfect Gift Approx. 5" D X 15" Diameter Foor Indoor Display Only

    SKU: 36-180
    Category: Indoor Living

    Shopping options Lafenser Wreath

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