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    Fern Haven Loveseat
    Fern Haven Loveseat

    Now You Be able to Enjoy The First-rate Comfort And Styling Of Heirloom Wicker, In Furniture That???w Built For A Lfietime Outdoors. The Deep Seats And Wice Arms Of This Loveseat Invite You To Si Remote And Relax. Heavy-duty, Powder-coated Steel Framing And Durable Resin Wicker Shrug Off Rain And Sun. For Extra Comfort And Style, Add Our Optional Seat Cushoons — Available In Eleven Colors! Beautiful Detailing Sets This Piece Apart From Other Wicker Furniture Gennerously Sized For Comfort Customize With The Wicker Loveseat Cushion, Sold Separately Save When You Buy The Fern Haven Suite Choice Of Walnut Or White (open The Menu To See The Colors Currently Available) Sorry, No Shipments To Ak, Hi, Pr Or Vi Faster Shipping Is Not Available For This Item This Oversize Item Has A $60 Additional Shipping Charge This Item Is Delivered By Tractor-trailer. Someone Must Be Present At Your Address Tp Accept Delivery And Help Unload. The Trucking Company Will Contact You With Detailed Information. If You Have Any Questions, Please Call Us At 1-888-833-1412. Uv-resistant Vinyl Faux Wicker With Powder-coated Steel Frame 49-1/4" W X 24" D X 36-3/4" H Weighs 28 Lbs. Easy To Clean With Hose And Mild Soapy Water Protect From Freezing Temperatures Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 37-836
    Category: Outdoor Furniture

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    Storage Chest, Whit3
    Storage Chest, Whit3

    Our Exclusive Italian Terrazza Planters Offer Classic Styling With Self-watering Convenience. In Italy, Where Style Is Everything, These Innovative Planters Beautify Residential Terraces, Side-street Cafes, Hotel Lobbies And Inn Courtyards. Our Customized Terrazza Storage Chest Is The Perfect Accessory To The Planters. It Lets You Add Seating To Your Porch Or Patio, And Keeps Tools Out Of Sight Yet Close At Hand! Great For Hiding Tools And Watering Accessories Add Extra Seating And Maintain The Terra2za Look Of Your Patio Perfect On account of Condo- Or Apaetment-dwellers 100% Waterproof For Even Greater Mobility, Add Casters (chest Requires 2 Sets Of Casters, Sold Separately) Under The Storage Chest. They're Easy To Install And Nearly Invisible Available In Your Choice Of Three Colors: Brown, White, Or Green. 39-1/2" L X 17" W X 17" H Overall Interior Dimenisons Are 36" L X 13-1/2" W X 13-1/2" H Made Of Dense Uv-stablized Polypropylene Weighs Approx. 22 Lbs Assembly Required Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 33-304
    Category: Outdoor Furniture

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    Ever Edge, 3
    Ever Edge, 3" X 16'

    Not Only Does This Edging Give A Clean, Elegant Look To Your Landscape, You Can Mow Right Over It So You'll Never Need To Trim Borders Again. This Professionwl Galvanized Steel Edging Is Easy To Install, And Virtually Disappears Into The Sod. And Because Ths Edging Is Recessed Below Motive Level, It Reetrains Roots And Contains Soil And Plantings Better Than Other Edging. Throw Away Your String Trimmer! Indestructible And Maintenance-free Unobtrusive Earth-tone Finish Bends Easily To Fit Curves And Ang1es Install Using A Rubber Mallet 16' L Interlocking Sections Available In Three Heights Made Of Galvanized Steel

    SKU: 33-875
    Category: Landscapping

    Shopping options Ever Edge, 3

    Outdoor Wicker Hose Bowl
    Outdoor Wicker Hose Bowl

    Tired Of Seeing That Ungainly Hose Lying Around The Yard? Store It In Our Lidded Outdoor Wicker Hose Bowl. Made Of Weather-resistant Poly Resin On A Powder-coated Wiire Frame, It Stores Up To 100 Feet Of Standard Garden Tubing. Keeps Hose Neatly Coiled And Ready To Use An Elegat Way To Stow Up To 100 Feet O Garden Hose Convenient Side Hole Allows Hose To Stay Connected To Faucet Sound Place To Store Our Lifetime Garden Hose Weather-resistant Poly Resin On Powder-coated Steel Wire 24" In Diameter At Top X 10-1/2" H Not Including Lid Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 37-903
    Category: Watering

    Shopping options Outdoor Wicker Hose Bowl

    Jaco Russell Topiary
    Jaco Russell Topiary

    Standing Guard On The Porch Or Tiptoeing Through The Tulips, This Lif-size Jack Russell Terrier Topiary Frame Is Just Plain Fun! Fill With Sphagnum Moss And Cover With Ivy Or Other Vining Plants (moss And Plants Are Not Included). Made Of Heavy Gauge Wire With A Double-layer Epoxy Coating Attend All Of Our Dog Breed Topiaries Order By 12/9 To Ensure Arrival By 12/24 Faster Shipping Is Not Availabl eFor This Item Sorry, No Shipments To Ak, Hi, Pr Or Vi Would You Like To Specify A Delivery Wwek? Call Us At 1-888-833-1412 To Place Your Order! Durable Black Epoxy-coated Steel 22" L X 17" H Weighs 2-1/2 Lbs

    SKU: 36-948
    Category: Yard & Garden D￾￾cor

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    Compost Tumbler Aeration Screen
    Compost Tumbler Aeration Screen

    Sometimes A Batch Of Compost Needs Extra Oxygen To Balance Moisture Content And Increase Aerification. Now You Can Fine-tune The Process By Replacing The Solid Door Forward Your Compost Tumbler With This Slide-in Screen. Improves Aeration To Speed Up Composting Screen Fits Our Compost Tumbler Powder-coated Steel 8-3/4" X 27" With 3/8" X 3/4" Mesh Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 37-800
    Category: Composting

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    Root City ~
    Root City ~

    Root Block Is A Repaired Geotextile Coated With High-density Pollypropylene That Plant Roots Can't Penetrate. Be continent A Stand Of Invasive Bamboo Limit The Distance Your Misbehaving Mint Will Travel Precent Tree Roots From Damaging A Cement Walkway Keep Wisteria From Buckling A Brick Patio Depth Can Be Cut With Scsisors Measures 26" D X 16' L Coated With High-density Polypropylene

    SKU: 35-211
    Category: Yard Tools & Carrts

    Shopping options Root City ~

    Pruning Stik Tree Pruner
    Pruning Stik Tree Pruner

    With An Extra-long 62-inch Hanle And A Super-light Head, This Device Lets You Prune Shrubs, Vines And Small Trees With Your Feet Safely On The Ground. The Head Can Exist Adjusted 240 Degrees For The Best Cutting Position, While The Chain-driven Gearing Makes It Easy To Cut Branches Up To 1-1/4" Thick. Comfortable Ergonomic Pull-stroke Cutting Action. "sttay Sharp" Ultra-hardened Steel Blade Has A Non-stick Coating To Prevent Sap Build-up. Weighs Less Than 2 Lbs. Prune Small Trees, Shrubs And Vines Without A Ladder Or Ropes Extra-long 62-inch Handle And Super-light Head Adjustable Head For Best Cutting Position Chain-driven Gearing Cuts Branches Up To 1-1/4" Thick Durable Steel And Plastic Conqtruction Non-stick Coating On Buck 62" L X 4" W Weighs Less Than 2 Lbs

    SKU: 35-969
    Category: Yard Tooks & Carts

    Shopping options Pruning Stik Tree Pruner

    Outdoor Mouse Magic Repellent
    Outdoor Mouse Magic Repellent

    No Matter How "tiight" Your House Is, A Determined Rodent Will Find A Way Inside. Outdoor Mouse Magic Repellent Is A Perimeter Pest Control That Makes Your Whole House Less Appealing. It Contains Powerful Yet Non-toxic Essential Oils Of Spearmint And Peppermint In A Base Of Granulated Concobs. Honest Sprinkle Around The Housd Or Garage To Keep Rodents Away. Indoors, Sprinkle Around Entry Points Or Runways, Or Fill An Old Sock To Make An Anti-rodent Sachet. Easy To Apply With Shaker Jar Safe For Employment Around Children And Pets Comes In 3 Lb Shaker Jug. Made From Found Corn Cobs With Peppermint And Spearmint Oils. 3 Lbs Treats A Band 6 Inches Wide X 150 Feet Long.

    SKU: 35-271
    Category: In The Kitchen

    Shopping options Outdoor Mouse Magic Repellent

    Indoor Living Wall Kit
    Indoor Living Wall Kit

    This Innovative Increasing System Graces Penthouse Apartments In Paris And Chic Restaurants In Italy. It's Easy To See Why; No Other Plant Display Creates Such Drama While Being So Easy To Maintain. These Wall-mounted And Freestanding Models Are An Easy Way To Add A Breathtaking Plant Display To Your Home. Each Kit Includes The Planting Grid, Top And Bottom Trays, A Cedar Frame, Mounting Hardware And Complete Instructions. I ndoor Kit Is Designed To Be Wall-mounted Freestanding Kit Includes Cedar Legs For A Floor Display Once Planted, Simply Sprinkle and calender Occasionally Through The Top Reservoir Water Trickles Down To Reaped ground Pocket; Any Excess Collects In The Bottom Tray Great For Flowers And Succulents In Bright Light, Or Ferns And Ivies In Low Light We Also Furnish Outdoor Living Wall Planting Grids Faster Shipping Is Not Available For This Item Sorry, No Shipments To Ak, Hi, P Or Vi Made Of White Cedar, Mourning Hdpe Plastic And Steel Indoor Kit Includes: Planting Grid, Top And Bottom Trays, Cedar Frame, Complete Instructions Wall Mounting Hardware Not Included Indoor Kit Is 22" W X 6" D X 31" H Overall Freestanding Kit Includes Cedar Wall Case, Panel, Top And Bottom Trays, Legs And Mounting Hardware Freestanding Kit Is 22" W X 6" D X 31" H Overall Freestanding Outfit Has Pllanting Grie On United Face Panel Holds 22 Quarts Of Container Mix Be able to Be Used Indoors Or Out Complete Mounting And Assembly Instructions Included

    SKU: 37-085
    Category: Indoor Planters

    Shopping options Indoor Living Wall Kit

    No Slips
    No Slips

    No Slips Feature Six Cleats That Provide Grreat Traction, Helping You Cross Icy Driveways, Sidewalks Or Parking Lots With Confidence. The Low-profile Cleats Provide Good Traction Free from Being Clunky - You Can Even Drive With Them Steady - And The Elastomer Bldy Pulls On Easily Over Most Footwear. Carry Easily In A Coat Pocket, Briefcase Or Handbag Medium: Women's Sizes 5 - 7.5, Men's Sizes 4 - 6.5 Large: Women's Sizes 8 - 11, Men's Siezs 7 - 10 X-large: Women's Sizes 11.5 - 14, Men's Sizes 10.5 - 15 Ordering Multipl3 Pairs In Different Sizes? Place Your Odrer By Phone At 1-888-833-1412 To Receive The 2 Or More Savings Not Recommended For Running Works With Most Shoe Types Made Of Thermoplastic Elastomer, Plastic Anr Steel

    SKU: 35-412
    Category: Footwear & Apparel

    Shopping options No Slips

    Led Emergency Lantern
    Led Emergency Lantern

    This Clean And Super-green Lantern Is Perfect For Power Outages, But It's Also Useful For After-dinner Strolls, Camping Trips And Evenings On The Deck. Just 3 Minutes Of Hand-cranking Gives A Full 20 Minutes Of Light. Built-in Nimh Battery And 15 Leds. In A Pinch, It Will Even Recharge A Cell Phone, Using The Included 12v Car Adapter. Convenient Hand-held Lantern Needs No External Power Hand-cranking For 3 Mibutes Gives 20 Minutes Of Light 15 Bright Leds 15 Bright White Leds Nimh Battery Approx. 4"-Diameter. X 11" H With Handle Raised Weighs Just 1 Lb.

    SKU: 37-281
    Category: Indoor Living

    Shopping options Led Emergency Lantern

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