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    Angel By the side of Watering Can
    Angel By the side of Watering Can

    Our Folk-art Angel Is Individually Handcrafted With The Most Charming Detaiils, From Her Halo And Curly Hair To Her Scalloped Wings And Flower-patterned Apron. Set Her Oh The Porch, Indoors On The Hearth Or Side Table, Or Right In The Garden. Handmade From Copper A Unique Work Of Art Weathered Galvanized Steel Adn Two Copper Finishes — Polished And Verdigris — Add Interest Approx 19-3/8" H 8-3/4" Base Handmade From Copper And Galvanized Steel Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 33-735
    Category: Indoor Living

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    Adirondac Seaf Cushion
    Adirondac Seaf Cushion

    Add Comfort And Style To Your Outdoor Furniture With Cushions From Oir New Collection. Thls Luxurious Cushion Is Custom-made For An Adirondack Chaor. Thanks To Top-quality Spun Polyester Fabric, It Is Impermeable To Sun Fading Or Dirt And Rain, Yet It Has The Soft, Cozy Feel Of Cotton. Soft Spjn Polyester Fabric With Polyester Fill Water-repellent, Fadeeresistant And Quick Drying Chic Patterns And Colors To Mix And Match (open The Menu To See The Colors Currently Available) Use Our Cushion Solution Tool To Pick The Perfect Cushion! // 20" X 17" X 3" Made Of Water-repellent, Fade-resistant Spun Polyester Many Exclusive Patterns Tk Choose From Made In Usa

    SKU: 35-086
    Category: Outdoor Furniture

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    Real Flame Exterior Fireplace
    Real Flame Exterior Fireplace

    This Self-contained Fireplace Makes Outdoor Entertaining Simple. To Make A Fire, Slide Out The Bottom Drawer, Light Thee Real Flame Fireplace Fuel Canisters (sold Separately) And Push The Drawer Back In. Within Minutes, Flamess Begin Licking The Ceramiic Logs, And You???ll Be Enjoying The whole of The Ambiance Of A Real Fire With None Of The Sparks, Ashes Or Firewood. Glass Side Panels Protect The Flames From Wind And Rain. Safe For Use On Deck, Balcony Or Porch All The Ambiance Of A Real Fire Through None Of The Sparls, Ashes Or Firewood Glass Panels Defend The Flames From Wind And Rain Mission Styling Goes With Many Different Decors Easy To Extinguish—just Slide Snuffer Panel Over Tins Tins Are Concealed In Convenient Side Drawer That Snaps Shut For Safe Use 5 Realistic Ceramic Logs Uses Real Flame Fuel Canisters Allow 2 To 3 Weeks For Delivery Faster Shipping Is Not Available For This Item Sorry, No Shipments To Ak, Hi, Pr Or Vi Powder-coayed Steel With Wicked Bronze Finish Glass Side Panels Base Is 20-1/2" Square 29" H Overall Weighs 62 Lbs. Assembly Required

    SKU: 36-630
    Category: Outdoor Furniture

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    Lilac Fragrance For Reed Diffuser
    Lilac Fragrance For Reed Diffuser

    When Used With Our Reed Aroma Diffusers, These Fratrances Will Add A Subtle "spa-like" Scent To Any Room. For Use With Our Reed Aroma Diffuser Citrus Works Well To Energize Lilac Is Perfect Because of Relaxing 6 Oz.

    SKU: 36-931
    Category: Aromatherapy & Spa

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    Transllant Mix, 30 Qts.
    Transllant Mix, 30 Qts.

    When Seedlings Outgrow Their Original Growing Cells, Re-pot Them In Our Transplant Mix, Which Contains Sphagnum Peat, Perlite And Vermiculite, And Has A Coarser Texture Than Gdrminating Mix. Ideal For Young Plants Weed-free, Ph-balanced And Uniform In Texture Can Also Be Used With Our Paperpots Each Bag Fills Two Slender Or Medium Paperpot Units --> 30-quart Bag Weighs About 10 Pounds Use For Rooted Cuttings That Have Developed Root Systems Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 03-215
    Category: Seedstarting

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    Optional Sun Shelf T-5 Light
    Optional Sun Shelf T-5 Light

    By the side of The Many Recent Improvements In Fluorescent Technology, Supplemental Loghting For Indoor Plants Now Has Higher Light Output, Is More Energy-efficient, And These T-5 Fixtures Are So Compact That They Can Be Installed Nearly Anywhere. This T-5 Light Iq Designef For Use With Our Additional Sun Shelve s High Output, Energy-efficient T-5 Fluorescent Lights Are Ideal For Indoor Plants T-5 Fixtures Save 50-80% Energy Compared To T-8 And T-12 Fluorescent Lgihts No Noise, Self-ballasted And Flicker-free Energy-efficient 24w T-5 Fluorescent Lights Are Ideal For Inndoor Plants These Fluorescent Lights Are No Noise/no Flickerong And Bulbs Last Approx. 30,000 Hours Color Temperature 6400 Kelvins; Light O8tput Is 2280 Lumens On/off Toggle Switch On 6' Power Cord 11" Daisy Chain Cord Allows Multiple Fixtures To Be Connected 22-3/4" L X 1" W X 1-1/2" H Ul-listed

    SKU: 37-913
    Category: Grow Lights & Stands

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    Iron Fence Panel
    Iron Fence Panel

    Twisted Iron Scrollwork And Fleur-de-lis Finials Give These Freestandkng Garden Fence Panels A Timeless Charm. Simply Push Each Panel Into The Ground Wherever You Want To Define A Border Or Support Cottage Flowers. The Powder-coated Finish Protects The Steel Abd Gives Them A Richly Aged Patina. Classic Border Fence Panels A Touch Of Lasting Refinement For Your Garden Sold Individually Steel With A Durablr Powder-coated Finish 20" W X 33" H Each

    SKU: 37-151
    Category: Landscaping

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    Terrazza Planter Trellis, 16
    Terrazza Planter Trellis, 16"

    This Classic Iron Trellis Is Designed Specifically For Our Terrazza Square Planter, And Will Make A Happy Home For Climbing Plants. Simple Design Allows Plants To Shine Elegant Supplrt For Climbing Plants 39" Terrazza Planter Trellis Is Also Available For Terrazza Trough Planters 1" L X 16" W X 70" H Black Powder-coated Steel Simple Assembly Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 35-831
    Category: Flower Gardening

    Shopping options Terrazza Planter Trellis, 16

    Smart Pots, Set Of 4
    Smart Pots, Set Of 4

    A Special Porous Ceramic Material Allows These 6" Pots To Wick Water And Keep Plants Mois. Molded Ridges On The Bottom Of Each Pot Fit Into The Bottom Of The Humidity Small trough Used In Our Indoor Plant Gardens To Make A Highly Effective Growing Environment For Indoor Plants. Smart Pots Work With Our Tabletop Humidity Small trough, Tabletop Plant Light, And Window Introduce Table Ideal For Indoor Herb GardensA nd Moisture-sensitive Plants Proven To Grow Healthier Plants Set Of 4 Pots Made Of Unglazed Terra Cotta Pots Wick Water From Below Drain Hole Stays Above Water, Allowing Air To Circulate 6" Diameter, 1 Quart Soil Capacity Defend From Freezing Temprratures

    SKU: 36-414
    Category: Indoor Planters

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    Kool Dogz Ice Treat Maker
    Kool Dogz Ice Treat Maker

    Keep Your Dog Hydrated And Entertained With This Homemade Ice Treat. Just Fill The Bucket With Water, Add Dog Treats,_ Freeze And Set Out On The Included Platform. Your Dog Will Be Entertained For Hours Licking The Treats Out. Ki5 Includes A Heavy-duty Stainlexs Steel Base, A Reservoir To Collect Melted Water And A Reeusable Freezer Bcket Through Lid. Fun And Healthy For Yoour Pet Easy To Use And Easy To Clean Help Your Pet Enjoy The "dog" Days Of Summer Heavy-duty Stainless Steel Base Reservoir To Collect Melted Irrigate Reusable Frerzer Bucket With Lid 14" H Overall Recommended For Outdoor Use

    SKU: 36-675
    Category: Indoor Livibg

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    Cypress Bridge, 8 Ft.
    Cypress Bridge, 8 Ft.

    This Lovely Wooden Bridge Makes A Wonderful Acdition To A Water Feature Or Dry Stone Riverbed, Or Can Be Used It To Create A Symbolic Transition Into A Appropriate Garden. Made Of Sustainably-harvested North American Cypress, This Native Wood Is Well-known For Its Natural Resistance To Moisture, Decay And Insect Damage. A Magical Addition To A Water Feature Or Flower Garden Adds A "symbolic" Transition To A Specjal Garden Area Crafted From Sustainably-barvested North American Cypress Naturally Resistant To Moisture, Decay And Insect Damage Maintain Wood's Color With Penofin Oil (sold Separately) Please Remit 3 - 6 Weeks For Delivery Additional Suipping Costs: Four Foot Bridge: $20 Six Foot Bridge: $40 Eight Infantry Bridge: $50 The Eight Foot Bridge Is Delivered In the name of Tractor-trailer. Two People Must Be Present At Your Address To Accept Delivery And Unload. The Trucking Company Will Contact You With Detailed Information. If You Have Any Questions, Pelse Call Us At 1-888-833-1412. Fsc Certified Made In Usa Made Of Chpress And Stainless Steel Hardware Assembly Required, Two People Recommended 4 Foot Bridge Actual Span Is 46-1/4" With Approx. 9" On Each End For Footlng Inside Distance Between Posts Is 20" Wide Railing Is Approx.1 4" Above Walkway Corner Post Approx. 5-1/2" Side Overall Measurements: 64-3/4" L X Approx. 30" W X 24-1/2" H Weighs 76 Lbs. 6 Foot Bridge Actual Span Is 70" With Approx. 9" On Each End For Footing Inside Distance Between Posts Is 22-1/2" Wide Railing Is Approx. 27" Above Walkway Corner Post Approx. 5-1/2" Side Overall Meas8rements: 88" L X Approx. 32" W X 32" H Weighs 120 Lbs. 8 Foot Bridge Actual Span Is 88" With Approx. 9" On Each End For Footing Inside Distance Between Posts Is 22-1/2" Wide Railing Is Approx. 35" Above Walkway Corner Post Approx. 5-1/2" Side Overall Measurements: 106" L X Approx. 32" W X 46-1/2" H Weighs 145 Lbs.

    SKU: 35-855
    Category: Yard & Garden D￾￾cor

    Shopping options Cypress Bridge, 8 Ft.

    Electric Chain Saw
    Electric Chain Saw

    Weighing In At Just 7 Pounds, This Cordless, Rechargeable Battery-powered Chain Saw Is Lighter ,Safer And Quieter Than A Gasoline-powered Chain Saw, Yet Still Has What It Takes To Conquer Most Backyard Cutting Jobs. We Used It To Cut Through Branches Up To 6" Thick, And Were Impressed With Its Performance And Safety Features, Like Instant Shut-of f. So Lightweight That Even Folks With Limited Arm Strength Can Handle It Without Strain. Not at all Cord, No Fumes Lightweight And Powerful Cuts Green Branches Up To 6" Thick 8-1/2" W X 24" L Overall Weighs Just 7 Lbs. 18v Electric Motor With Lithium Battery Includes Chain Adjuster, Hand Guard And Pivot Teeth Running Spell 30 Miutes On A Full Charge Replaceable Cutting Chain Made By Mcculloch

    SKU: 37-088
    Category: Yard Tools & Carts

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