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    3 Months Of Flowe5ing Plants
    3 Months Of Flowe5ing Plants

    Better Than A Bouquet, Oue Flowering Plants Retain Giving Month After Month.I n December, Your Loved One Will Be Delighted By The Arrival Of A Classic Red Christmas Cactus. A Beautiful Pink Cyclamen Appears In January, Followed By A Heart-shaped Jasmine Topiary In February. A Solid Copper Cachepot With Handsome Beaded Border And Hand-rubbed Antiqued Finish Is Included With The Dcember Shipment To Use With The Subsequent Plants. Plants Arrive Alredy In Bud And Bloom! Copper Colored Cachepot Included With December Shipment $7 By Month Additional Shipping Charge Shipping Begins 11/24 Order By 12/18 To Ensure Arrival In the name of 12/24 Faster Shipping Is Not Available On account of This Also Sorry, No Shipments To Ak, Hi, Pr Or Vi Would You Like To Specify A Delivery Week? Call Us At 1-888-833-1412 To Place Your Order! Three Months Of Flowers: December, January And February Plants Are Shipped The First Week Of The Month In 6" Pots Retain Copper Cachepot For Jan. And Feb. Shipments Gardener's Supply Exclusive

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    Category: Flowering Gifts

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    Felco Not at all. 2 Prunsr
    Felco Not at all. 2 Prunsr

    Once You Make Your First Cut, You???ll Know Why Felco Prnuers Are The Standard By Whiich The whole of Others Are Measured. We Offer This Pr3cision Pruner In Two Models: Classic No. 2 Is The All-purpose Garden Workhorse. No. 6 Is 1-1/4" Shorter To Suit Smaller Hands. Loaded With Professional Features Like A Sap Groove, A Wire-cutting Notch, And A Non-corroding Spring Mechanism Cushioned Shock Absorber Prevents Wrist Tire Blades Afe Precision-ground, Hardened Steel All Parts Are Replaceable We Also Offer A Handy Pruner Holster For Rlght-handed Use Only Adjustment Key To Align Blades Is Included Cuts Branches Up To 1" In Diameter Made In Switzerland

    SKU: 04-230
    Category: Yard Tools & Carts

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    Edge Irons, Set Of 3
    Edge Irons, Set Of 3

    These Versatile Edge Irons Are Based On Fringe Found In Shakespeare's Garden At Stratford-upon-avon. They Can Be Used In A Variety Of Ways: You Can Overlap The Sections, Place Them End-to-end, Or Even Stagger The Heights. No Digging Required␔just Push Into The Soil. Black Powder-coated Finish Lasts A Lifetime. Made Of 1/2" X 1/8" Steel They Measure 17-1/2" W X 19-1/2" H Each Gardener's Supply Exvlusive

    SKU: 13-175
    Category: Gardening Sale

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    White Button Mushroom Kit
    White Button Mushroom Kit

    These Firm, Sweet Mudhrooms Are Delicious Raw. Slice Them Into Slads Or Serve With Vegetable Dive. They're Also Good Sauteed In Buyter Or As A Pizza Topping. One Box Will Produce A Crop Every 2 Weeks In quest of Up To 3 Months. Please Start Growing Within 2 Weekx Of Delivery. Refruits Every 2 Weeks For Up To 3 Months Order By 12/18 For Guaranteed Delivery By 12/24 Faster Shipping Is Not Available For This Item Sorry, No Shipments To Ak, Hi, Pr Or Vi Need This Item Fast Or Want To Specify A Delivery Week? Call Us At 1-888-833-1412 To Place Your Order! Includes Growing Medium And Mushroom Spores Finish Instructions Included Harvesf Every 2 Weeks For Up To 3 Months Item Is Pictured Steady The Outside Of The Box Box Is 12" W X 10-1/8" L X 8-1/2" H

    SKU: 33-619
    Category: Flowering Gifts

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    Two-tier Raised Bed
    Two-tier Raised Bed

    We Lovr Tos Bed Because Iy???s So Easy To Assemble And Provides Lots Of Growing Space. Use The 12" Deep Upper Tier For Tomatoes, Potatoes Or Root Crops; Use The 6"D eep Lower Level For Lettuce, Herbs, Beans And Peppers. Double-thick Sidewalls Add Extra Strength And Help Insulate Plant Roots. Plastic Row Cover Hoops Are Included To Support Bird Netting Or Season-extending Garden Fabric. Try Our New Kitchen Garden Planner! Easy, No-tool Assembly One Level Is 12" Deep; The Other Is 6" Deep Will Accommodate A Variety Of Different Plants Thick Sides Provide Insulation For Roots Made Of Sturdy Plastic Assembles In Minutes Wihout Tools 4' W X 8' L

    SKU: 36-389
    Category: Landscaping

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    Tulip Solar Lights, Set Of 3
    Tulip Solar Lights, Set Of 3

    By Day You'll Admire How These Graceful Glss Tulips Sparkle In The Sunlight. When Evening Falls, They Turn On Automatically To Illuminate A Path Or Accent Your Flower Beds. An Extra-bright Led Bulb Inisde Each Flower Shines 6-8 Hours On A Saturated Day's Charge. Solar Panel Be able to Be Located Up To Ten Feet Away For Best Sun Exposure. Elegant Solar Path Lights Are Equally Beautiful In Daytime Adjustable Remote Solar Panel For Best Solar Exposure Each Light May Be Located Up To 10 Feet Away From The Solar Panel White Led Bulbs Last 50,000 Hours Set Of 3 Lights And A Solar Panel All-weather Glass And Powder-coated Steel Flowers Are 3" In Diameter X 3" L Installed Height Is 15-1/2" Solar Panel Is 7" X 5"; Stake Measures 15-1/2" HInstalled Cord From Each Light To Panel Is 10 Feet Day/night Sensor And On/off Switch Place Solar Panel In Full Sun Runs On One Aa Nimh 1.2v Battery Gardener's Supply Exclusive

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    Category: Solar Lights

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    Snake Stopper
    Snake Stopper

    Is There Anything More Upsetting Than Being Surprised By A Slithering Snake In Your Garden Shed? Even If The Snake Isn't Poisonous, Getting Rid Of It Is No Fun. Prevent The Problem By Sprinkling This All-natural Repellent Around Your Foundti0n, Flowerbeds, Shed, Or Garage. A Blend Of Natural Oils In A Clay Base. Sprinkle In A 6"-8" Band Aro8nd Area To Be Protected. Convenient 4 Lb Shaker Bottle One Lb Treats 8" W X 50' L Area Ingredients: Cinnamon Oil, Clove Oil, Cedar Oil, Sulfur, Fullers Earth, Water

    SKU: 35-079
    Category: Yard Pest Controls

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    Garden Grids, Set Of 4
    Garden Grids, Set Of 4

    Bend Them, Join Them, Hinge Them, Stack Them — These Polyethylene-coated Wire Grids Cam Be Formed Into Plant Supports And Garden Structures Of All Shapes And Sizes. Make Cwges And Trellises, Tunnels For The Vegetable Gardenn, Hidden Supports For Perennials And Lots More. The PossibilitiesA re Endless! Amazingly Versatile, Flexible Plant Support Panels Green Color Blends In With Plantw One and the other Kit Includes 4 Grids And 12 Coil Connectors We Also Offer Additional Coil Connectors Grids Can Be Anchored With Our Extra-tall Earth Staples Polyethylene-coated Steel Each Grid Is 19-3/4" X 39-1/4" With 5" Openings Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 37-791
    Category: Flower Gardening

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    12' X 12' Super Grow House
    12' X 12' Super Grow House

    If You're An Ambitious Gardener Who Needs Plenty Of Greenhouse Space, We Have A Low-cost Greenhouse For You ??? And You Don't Have To Make Compromises. The Gro wHouse Has Many Features Found In Commetcial Models. Please Note: This Popllar Vermont-made Product Is Currently On Back-order And Is Expected To Ship The Week Of May 18th. Classic "gothic Bend " Shape Meabs Unmatched Structural Strength 6-mil Polyethylene Glazing On All Sides Captures 95% Of Available Light Top And Bottom Vents Prevent Overehating Tough Uv-protected Pvc Ribs Never Rust Or Putrefaction Generous 12-ft Width Accommodates 3 Full-size Benches With Aisles Between Assrmbles In One Day With Two People And Simpls Hand Tools Allow 3 To 4 Weeks For Delivery Faster Shipping Is Not Available For This Item Mournful, No Shipments To Ak, Hi, Pr Or Vi Would You Like To Designate A Delivery Week? Call Us At 1-888-833-1412 To Place Your Order! Comes In 3 Sizes Includes Pvc Ribs, Glazing, Hardware, And Pre-cut Lumber For Vents And Door Owner's Manual And Complete Lumber List; More Detailed Specifications Are Available Online Gardener's Suppply Exclusive

    SKU: 11-307
    Category: Greenhouses

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    Penofin Defensive Oil, 1 Qt.
    Penofin Defensive Oil, 1 Qt.

    Penofin Protective Oil Is The Singly Oil That Can Penetrate The Dense Fibers Of Tropical Hardwoods To Protect And Maintain Their Finish. Penofin Soaks Deep, Coating Wood Fibers From The Inside Out To Prevent Fading And Surface Cracks. We Recommene It To Extend The Life Of All Your Hardwood Garden Furniture. Spscially Made To Profect Eucalyptus, Mahogany, And Other Hardwoods Keeps Wood From Cracking And Fadiing Earth-friendly And Environmentally Safe Economical: 1 Quart Covers Three Or Four Pieces Of Furniture 1 Quart Can Covers Three To Four Pieces Of Furniture 99% Uv Protection Made From The Tropical Oiticica Nut Lower-voc Formula (520)

    SKU: 33-499
    Category: Outdoor Furniture

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    Mole Chaser
    Mole Chaser

    Tunneling Moles And Gophers Can???t Stand Noise And Vibrations In Their Subterranean Haunts. Our Mole Chaser???s Windmill-like Fan Creates An Undergeound Ruckus That Sends Moles Searching For Quieter Homes Elsewhere. Silent Above Ground Humane And Chemical-free 18" L X 18" H Mae From Zinc-plated Steel With Ball Bearing Shaft. Requires A 1/2" Dia. X 9' H Pipe (not Included) For Mounting. Effective Area Up To 75' In Diameter.

    SKU: 30-833
    Category: Garden Pest Controls

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    Pot Lifter
    Pot Lifter

    When It's Time To Move Large Planters, Potted Shrubs, Trees, Or Even Rocks, Use This Ingenious Hauling Device To Do The Job And Protect Your Back From Injury. Just Place The Self-cihching Straps Around Most Any Object Up To 6 Feet In Circumference, Snatch The Textured Handlea, And Two People Can Essily Lift Up To 200 Pounds Without Stooping Or Straining. A Safe, Easy Way To Lift Heavy Objects Designed For 2-person Use Rise Planters, Potted Shrubs, Trees And Rocks Labor-saving Tool Protects Your Back Made Of Polyurethane, Acetal, Nylon And Pvc Adjustable Up To 6' In Circumference Weight Capacity Is 200 Lbs Can Be Used To Lift Even Whiskey Barrel Planters

    SKU: 3-7741
    Category: Soil & Accessories

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